Officially moved everything over to the Tor browser. No more Chrome for me!! :D

Yo, anyone in know how to sign another pgp key with your own pgp with keybase? it possible to do that through the browser on their website?

@Gargron Any way we can use keybase to encrypt messages between users? It'll show cleartext between the two, automatically decrypt for both parties, but everyone else will just see "This message is private and encrypted".

Hey @Mastodon @Gargron I'm dealing with that dreaded infinite redirect loop because I'm using cloudflare for my server. Can you help me out please? I'm using Let's Encrypt as per the install guide and am using 'Full' for cloudflare. Not sure what's going on :(

When someone says I don't need medication to treat my deblilitating ADHD, I want to punch them in the face so hard. Seriously. How can someone be so incredibly ignorant toward mental health to say that medication is just 'big phrama trying to get a buck on me'. My life has been nothing but suffering because of untreated ADHD and I finally have hope and a chance to live free of my chains and do what I WANT to do, not what my mind makes me do.

I hope people understand that Free Speech and harassment aren't the same thing. One is protected under the First Amendment, the other is a criminal act. Be kind to one another :)

The goal of Free Speech is being able to civilly disagree with someone of the opposing opinion even if it emotionally offends you to the extreme. Disagreement with non-violence promotes conversation, and conversations promote clear minds. It is better we focus on how we are alike and not how we are different, how else can we build bridges for a better humanity?

@Gargron Just a thought, would it be possible to integrate keybase directly into mastodon so that users can seamlessly direct message each other with fully encrypted messages?

Officially diagnosed with Adult ADHD and PTSD today. Yay me, but at least now I have answers to questions.

It's ok to have your own opinions, in fact, it's recommended. What's not ok is shoving your opinion down unwanting throats. It's equally not ok to shove how much you dislike someone else's opinion down unwanting throats, even if it offends you. Mutual respect, and the ability to agree to disagree. That is the pinnacle of Free Speech in America. Live for more, live for better, and let's grow this world in a better light TOGETHER.

Finally my server is back up. Just some issues with SSL. Still working on the email verification function.

Boss sends out an email.

Good morning folks :) My mastodon instance is still having some config issues with ssl at the moment, should be fixed later today hopefully. Have a good one! :)

Hey I have a server setup ( but I'm unable to see posts from your server through my server. Is this a setting you have setup? Other servers are fine, but it seems mine isn't showing, even members whom I follow I don't see their posts. Brand new server though, could be my config. Let me know please.

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