Today was supposed to be the first first day of WordCamp Ottawa 2020.

Right now the coffee would be on, and guests would be enjoying the sun on rooftop patio before the session start.

See you in 2021. Stay safe.

In just a few minutes of running Little Snitch on my laptop, NordVPN tried to make outgoing connections to these domains.

Needless to say, I've deleted NordVPN.

The state of FOSS travel apps is so bad as to often be unusable to most. That said, some problems, such as good discovery, are more by choice than necessity.

I think back to FourSquare and how it leveraged its user base to build its database and know it can be done elsewhere. Hopefully that will eventually be able to happen.

New Blog Post: Getting Xdebug working with the Laradock development environment and Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

Here's the list of changes in the new 8.0 alpha

Lots of deprecated functions/methods are now removed. Many existing functions behave differently

These are basically breaking changes for anyone still using any branch older than 7.2

A couple of people have asked how to migrate instances and carry over followers:

Short version:
1. Create an account on the instance you want to be on. (new instance)

2. On the new instance's account, go to "Account Settings" and "Moving From Another Account."

3. Enter the the handle (full @) of the account from the instance you're leaving (old instance) and submit. You should get a message saying you created an alias successfully.

4. Go to the instance you want to leave.


Weird. Ontario Health's Covid19 test results website operates on a non-standard port (4443).

Classic example of "security through obscurity"?

Horrible given the URL is on printed instructions handed out by the health unit post-testing.


Today is

Think you're good because you're already doing backups? How about spending some time today to test your restore procedures.

Backups are no good if you can't properly restore!

No Cell Signal, No Wi-Fi, No Problem. Growing Up Inside America’s ‘Quiet Zone’ - The New York Times

That moment when you realize the reason the changes you're making to your code just don't seem to be working is because webpack crashed and your app didn't recompile...

Yeah. That.

‪Creator Of Famous Konami Code, Kazuhisa Hashimoto, Sadly Passes Away‬


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