Still dealing with the consequences of mail servers suppressing my main Hello Web Books email due to hard-bouncing a month ago. Sigh. Has anyone else dealt with this?

We're hiring a lot of positions, I want to work with more of my friends! If you apply, lemme know so I can mark you as a referral :)

"can't spell produgoction without go" - Andrey Petrov

Trump spam 

Every few months, I get a burst of these emails (someone is using my email address in the whitehouse contact form).

Not sure what the point is. Hopefully not a modern-day swatting attempt or something.

When there is massive growth and metrics are looking great, it's not obvious what we did really matters.

You can attribute it to your disciplined 100hr/wk work ethic, or revolutionary open plan office layout, or your team's paleo diet, or the specific curve radius of your edges. Whatever.

But when the market turns, that's when we find out what really mattered. Or maybe it was just the right opportunism at the right time, and the party is over.

Success stories don't talk about this.

Can't tell what was worse: Inhaling car fumes while biking to the gym, or inhaling cologne bro fumes when walking into the locker room.

To any devs who have felt afraid to open source their code "too early": What if you added an obnoxious "THIS IS NOT READY OR STABLE" print to stdout in your code so that anyone who uses it will be painfully aware? Would that make you feel better?

Remember back in the days of shitty shared hosting when you'd upload some text files with a .PHP extension and boom--you're live?

Today that's a premium product called "Serverless".

If you're into retro shooter games, this one is for you:

(Just released by a friend. I played the alpha, it has lots of great takes on old classics.)

I wish there was a home appliance brand that didn't have any beeping and minimal LEDs. It could emit a short range RF signal that can be picked up by a dedicated beeper (costs like $1 to make) or a relay to notify your phone. Beepless Appliances.

Really surprised someone took my mayorship at the one place I check in.

Can't decide if I'm more surprised that someone else comes here more than me or that someone else still uses FourSquare.

It's funny to think of Google Wave as a primordial reactive framework.

So much ahead of its time, how much did it inspire what we have today? Or was it just an inevitable coincidence?

I'd love to read a modern Google Wave feature overview that compares it to similar technologies we have today.

50% all my products with the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2018, works on everything in

Will work from today until Monday at midnight ET. 🎉

"to be fair, who could have predicted that applying to a job could yield an interview. it's almost like they're correlated somehow" - @shazow

@ericflo Random question: Do you idle on any chat rooms? How many/why not?

So far, I'd describe NixOS as Salt Stack meets vim-plug meets... maybe some parts of Gentoo (getting familiar feelings of ebuild patching and the community).

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Playing around with NixOS.

Feels good to just write a bunch of aspirational declarative configs and then try to run them all at once:

I wish there were provisions for managing the disk partitions too (particularly since I'm testing in a vm).

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