@ericflo Random question: Do you idle on any chat rooms? How many/why not?

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@shazow I used to but don't any more. Way too distracting as I get older.

@ericflo Fair. I try to limit myself to only one, for that reason, but it's still distracting.

What I really want is a disjoint group set of streams of consciousness (from people like yourself) that kinda feels like a non-homogeneous chat room.

Birdsite/activitypub are kinda that, but I can't get over that it doesn't quite feel how I want it.

@shazow I want this too. Basically reverse chronological Twitter but with a chat UI (fixed text entry on bottom, less whitespace between posts)

@ericflo Yesssss, and I also want a graceful transition from ephemeral "chat" messages, into threaded topics, and maybe ultimately into a collaborative wiki-style document.

I imagine you have a casual conversation, and it converges into a topic, you can "fork" it into a thread, then ultimately you can fork it into a summary light-weight document.

@ericflo Maybe the mechanic should be that only the summary document survives forever, everything else gets deleted over time. And there's tooling to semi-automatically generate them from threads (like the tldr newsbot type thing).

Then you can have periodic summaries mailed out to interested parties.

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