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Best part about helping @limedaring with programming things is reading her stream of consciousness toots later.

I love seeing more and more server apps being built with low resources and easy deployment in mind (read: use Go/Rust instead of Rails or something).

Being able to run many services in <512mb of RAM vs requiring >4GB for one service is a huge difference to a lot of people.

Next I hope projects start supporting embedded storage drivers, rather than just MySQL/PostgreSQL. Embedded storage (sqlite/leveldb/etc) for small deployments would really reduce the barrier to entry.

Are there any Mastodon clients that support these features?
- Auto-expand content warning toots unless they mention specific words (e.g. "spoiler").
- Separate column just for boosted toots from people you follow (instead of mixing them in one stream).

Are you able to vote in the US election but not planning to?

Please reconsider: This election will dictate the outcome of US politics for the next *10 years* by handing over control of redistricting.

Today US politics affects the whole world—billions of people. Please vote today.

There are so many "I realized I used Google for everything and they're an evil megacorp, so I switched to everything over to Apple" articles these last few months.

In this day and age of misinformation, I'm starting to wonder if it's a PR(opaganda) campaign from Apple.


Someone keeps "contacting the Whitehouse" with my email address in the form, so a few times a day I get autoresponders with Trump's signature. Can only imagine what they're writing in the body... Sigh.

For a while I was getting a bunch of dating site signups, not sure this is better. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Reason #81,447 why email is broken.

Buying a Google phone is buying "we'll fix it in prod" shaped like a phone.

Another one without reference because catface was busy waiting for his feeder in the other room.

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