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I'm Carina, a mixed filipina person who draws. I like bright saturated colors and weird shapes. Talk to me about sad cartoons or whatever.


Will art always be a profession for the privileged?

It’s so dang bad.

Bummed I didn't get that Trolls job. But the team looks great and I'm gonna keep rolling around and hopefully find myself that good work too.

lol it happened again where someone didn't believe me when i told them i had no crushes in high school

i think my ideal life is to just keep making stuff (comics, games, etc) and to have a simple way to share it w ppl

Patience is a virtue.

I'm grateful I learned that early on in my creative life. Letting stories marinate, percolate, or even simmer on a low brain heat is the best way to really bring them to life. I don't like to force a narrative when I can let it flow naturally by just giving it a bit of time to formulate. There will always be a time and space for my thoughts to exist 💖

Also, I'm racing no one.

That was the best dance party I've been to in years. Very comfortable. Not worried about being harassed. Lots of fun. A conga line.

Also I saw a death drop and that made my night.

can't wait to go to this party and disperse all the weird energy I've absorbed this week

Real sad my pal Will isn't gonna be there because i finally watched neo yokio and i wanna yell at him about it (nicely. nicely yell)

The only reason I don't wanna move to LA proper is because I don't wanna leave my asian enclave of restaurants and boba spots. Having 7 great drink spots with different vibes for different moods all less than 5 mins from my house is SO CLUTCH.

being demi is so fuckin funny ya'll

I don't talk about sexuality stuff ever cuz i don't feel entitled to that convo since I don't really consider myself queer. But MAN it's really weird not liking people at all except for once like every couple of years

loosely political 

Ya'll I had the wildest day of my life and I'm REELING.
But i'm legally unable to say a dang thing. jinkies

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Hmmm I'm thinking the trouble I'm having right now is a lot of what I do is constantly high stakes. Which makes slips feel a lot BIGGER

it's hard to get motivated making assignments and just treating them as exercises and not pieces of art

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hey uhhhh i just came across the best fuckin thing i've ever seen and nothing even comes close

DM'ing is SO FUN
DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS IS SO FUN. I feel like my brain is stretching and growing. I'm playing like a little kid again. I love it.

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