The ABVP attack on JNU: “It was as if the Young Republicans had invited some alt-right thugs to join them in running amok through Berkeley, beating up black and Hispanic students, Young Democrats and anyone who’d expressed support for Bernie Sanders.”
How Hindu supremacists are tearing India apart

How to migrate from one Mastodon server to another without losing followers:

1. Sign up on new server
2. On NEW server: Go to Account -> Moving FROM another account
3. Enter old account's handle
4. On OLD server: Go to Account -> Moving TO another account
5. Enter new account's handle and submit

RT Please enlarge and look at the attached snaps to get how conveniently is seeking for EVP & Digital Ration Card and the Central Govt is helping Terrorists by making Aadhaar 'mandatory' for Passport, while Aadhaar is not even a proof of age let alone address.

CAA will cause Muslims to face exclusion: U.S. panel on religions.

With the CAA in place, Muslims would be excluded from NRC which could include ‘statelessness, deportation, or prolonged detention,’ according to three United Nations Special Rapporteurs.


SC had called the demolition of Babri a national shame. This is the sequel. An SC-created body, constituted by the govt, has appointed as its president a man who is accused of demolishing Babri

Welcome to New India. Where criminal acts are rewarded


“A viral message claiming Ratan Tata said that the Tata group of companies will stop recruiting from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) has been rubbished by Tata Trusts in a statement ” Sanghi Lie Machine at work...

BIG Development. My report for CNN.

👉 protesters proven right

👉One road blocked by Police OPENED

👉This after protesters showed Sanjay Hegde blockades by cops yesterday

👉Protesters tell me they'll show more unnecessary blockades today


Revered as the “Father of Research Laboratories” in India, Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar was a cloud chemist, academic & scientific administrator.
• He was also the first Director-General of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.

Tribute on his birth anniversary.

Does anyone else think that Amulya Leona was trying to make a point and we are so paranoid (rightly so) that no one let her finish? Especially since Owaisi was speaking at the same event.

@KayKap @Bloodyatheist single malt from which region of Scotland? Campbeltown, Highland, Islay, Lowland or Speyside? @VivekT @wabbster @musafir @pursephoney @Vishsai @bumbleebee @Dinkachekan @TheDonkeySays

"We have no hesitation in observing that adopting such a course, that too, by a constitutional Court, is wholly unfathomable and must be eschewed."

Read Order:

@musafir I am kinda getting disgusted now nd fed up to boot. Since when has speaking up been a crime. That apart maybe some more of these on the PEEs groundbase might help clean up the environment @Bloodyatheist @VivekT @wabbster @pursephoney @Vishsai @bumbleebee @Dinkachekan @TheDonkeySays

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