Actually made me feel like shit lmao why am i like this, why do i need to feel special and needed literally everywhere

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Nothing like going back to work after a long break, to realise that you're completely replaceable and they did just fine without you.

@sheikyerbouti_ has her thumb in a bottle of acetone

So @HouseSparrow promises me that cats are big over here on Mastodon. I am teaching a Great Books course this fall and had the idea to photograph each book with a cat and share them with my students. Retoot if you support cats and great books

Honestly it was so horrible guys it was a big matted ball the size of my scalp is burning

Honestly ive finally learned my lesson, from now on im gonna be a good hair person

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Took three attempts today but ive brushed my entire hair. Half of it went down the toilet.

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