I normally use “folks” or “y’all”, but sometimes say “guys”. Maybe rather than drop it as gender-neutral, we should drop the masculine usage. Either way, habits of speech are hard to break, though inclusivity is important.
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Women identifying folks: Does it bother you when people address the group you are a part of as “you guys...”?

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This is so rad.

GSA runs the Public Buildings Service — which is the landlord for the civilian federal government. 186 million square feet of real estate.

GSA's pledge? 100% renewable energy by 2025.



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frecency: a heuristic that mixes frequency and recency for ordering items in a UI list

Frequency alone takes too long to learn new habits you've adopted, and recency alone is too sensitive

The surprising thing about the Basecamp diaspora is its predictability.
1. Announce drastic draconian policy changes
2. Double down after bad press
3. Watch explosion of external support & potential jobs for your employees.

A trivially avoidable culture-change fail.

Success 👏
completed its 4th flight, going farther & faster than ever before. It also took more photos as it flew over the Martian surface. We expect those images will come down in a later data downlink, but @NASAPersevere's Hazcam caught part of the flight.

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Hope folks realize that a part of the reason the Right pounced on “woke” and now use it as a meaningless catch-all pejorative is because folks on the Left stripped it from its context in the Black experience, and made it mean “excessive social awareness.”

It didn’t mean that.

The righteous indignation of the comments on this thread are befuddling, amusing, and depressing. These rough-tough beefeaters seem surprisingly fragile and insecure. What's their beef?
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Today we announced that Epicurious is cutting out beef. It won’t appear in new Epi recipes, articles, newsletters, or on social. This isn’t a vendetta against cows or people who eat them. It’s a shift about sustainability; not anti-bee…

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Guys, we’re still in a fucking pandemic. Vaccinated people should NOT be hanging out and putting the pieces together that I’m the one who’s been sticking snakes in everyone’s mailboxes

We talk a lot about the Unreliable Narrator in literature, but in my experience, the Unreliable Reader is far more common.

This Moderna vaccine is great! After the 2nd shot, I could access my Body Area Network with my phone right away, and monitor my own location and vitals (heart rate, etc.) without a smart watch. And now I can post pictures on Facebook and Twitter by just blinking!

I do feel a strong compulsion to buy Microsoft products, to sell our gun, and to vote for the Green New Deal. Found myself mumbling the Pledge of Allegiance over and over. And I have an urge to gravitate to the nearest 5G tower. But I don't think that's related to the vaccine.

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Anecdata on 2nd Moderna shot, 46 hours on: My wife felt achy with sensitive skin on day 1, just a little joint ache now. I felt almost no effects, maybe mild diarrhea and a passing lightheaded spell.

Moderna #2 in our arms! So grateful to scientists, nurses, doctors, and administrators. Just 2 more weeks until we approach normalcy.

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I don’t know why folks try to come for @staceyabrams when they know damn well that they aren’t ready.

In terms of her intellect, experience, & knowledge of voting rights ... Cruz, Cotton, Kennedy and Graham aren’t qualified to carry her books let alone debate what is in them. twitter.com/senatedems/status/

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Chauvin is the eighth officer convicted of murder since 2005. Of over 16,000 killings.

Just providing context for the "first steps" that we're taking.

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Today, justice was served for the Floyd family, but we still live in a nation clothed in injustice. True justice for Black Americans can only come through a complete revolution of values. We need an overhaul of systems deeply rooted in racism.

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If you think this was just a victory for black Americans you are still a part of the problem. This was a victory for Americans, ALL Americans. You are only as free as the most vulnerable and powerless citizen in your community

Pleasantly surprised and relieved.

Now we wait for the sentence. And for the effects to trickle through law enforcement…

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Word of the day is ‘ingordigiousness’: extreme greed; an insatiable desire for wealth at any cost.

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