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Remembering Rosinha de Valença, born on this day in 1941 in Rio de Janeiro. Here she is performing “Consolação” in 1966.

If you have the opportunity to be vaccinated, and you are refusing to do so, please unfollow me now. You are making everything worse for all of the rest of us.

To be clear: I think blockchain can be really useful, and I think cryptocurrencies are the future. I know many trustworthy and thoughtful people doing both.

But let's just say that people with Oppositional Defiant Disorder may be overrepresented in that field.

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Perhaps it's redundant, but he works in cryptocurrency. Go figure.

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Met a new neighbor in tech. Starting planning an outdoors hangout with other tech neighbors. Asked confirmation that everyone was vaxxed.

Got a reply that he's "too busy" to get vaxxed, with links to a redacted Joe Rogan video and a 3 hour Ivermectin conspiracy video.

6 years later, Rayssa Leal won the silver medal in the Olympics.

One thing I love about this video is how they show her failing again and again before nailing it. She falls down, and gets back up again until she doesn't fall down. She did the work.
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I don't know anything about this but it's awesome: a fairytale heelflip in Brazil by (via @oliverbarton)

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Phew, I finished the talk I've been stressing about all week. It went pretty well! youtube.com/watch?v=FXbop-QevW

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This is very soon, just about two hours away!

Take a brunch break this morning (or perhaps join us over breakfast or dinner, whenever you are). Looking forward to seeing and hearing from y'all. twitter.com/DataVizSociety/sta

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The next fireside chat is about Accessibility of Data Visualization on Wednesday July 28th

Panelists: @oysteinmoseng @liatrisbian @FrankElavsky & @LeonieWatson Moderated by @AmyCesal

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asking if I “finally fixed that bug” is a HIPPA violation

I just watched a fascinating show on "Space Juggling" by Adam Dipert (@thespacejuggler). There's an encore tomorrow. If you want to see the more artist side of space travel, weightlessness, and physics, check it out!


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Storing lots of energy, cheaply, for weeks or months is holy grail for a carbon emissions-free system.

“Form Energy’s iron-air battery breathes in oxygen and converts iron to rust, then turns the rust back into iron and breathes out oxygen" @russellgold

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"We condemn human rights abuses in Cuba," says country with torture camp in Cuba

There's something in the air. Not only have I been seeing a lot of new research published about psilocybin and MDMA to treat depression, but I've had lots of private chats with friends and colleagues interested in it. Normalize, legalize, and regulate.


"Version Control: Git gets easier once you get the basic idea that branches are homeomorphic endofunctors mapping submanifolds of a Hilbert space."
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accessiBe is a cancer on the internet. I wrote about the insidious framing it uses to source customers and propagate harm. ericwbailey.design/writing/acc

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Why are Elected Republicans all of a sudden urging people to get the vaccination?

A) they care
B) they are pro-life
C) your body, your choice
D) their voters are dying

Respond with your answer

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I think Eric frames it well here:

“accessiBe and the false David vs. Goliath narrative”

When laid out like that, all evidence together, ’s business model genuinely seems an amoral play on fears and prejudices instead of something truly helpful.

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Heartbroken to share that I’m withdrawing from the Tokyo Paralympic Games. The USOPC has repeatedly denied my reasonable and essential accommodation because of my disability, leaving me no choice. Full statement below:

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