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Hey @FoodNetwork. I'm a huge fan, but this asshole needs to go or I'm done with you. I watch for comfort programming that is kid friendly. I don't want my daughter exposed to someone who believes these things about women. @FoodNetworkCA @FoodNetwork_UK

The latest platitude I'm sick of hearing is "We should not fight each other, but instead fight those who seek to divide us", without reference to who those people are. Let's be clear: the Culture War is a GOP strategy. They are the ones seeking to divide us.

The topic of the Texas Abortion Jihad aside, the formulation of the law itself is terrifying. Turning citizens against each other for cash prizes is the worst capitalist take on totalitarian, Soviet-Union-style "concerned citizen" snitching. SCOTUS should've nixed that alone.

Looks like the Taliban followed us home to America. Great work, Texas and Supreme Court! Getting strong theocracy vibes.

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Welp, y’all better start putting “I’ve had a vasectomy” on your dating profiles.

When you stare into the blockchain, the blockchain stares also into you.

Politicians, newscasters, and everyone else: Please, please shut up about "blood and treasure". This isn't Dungeons and Dragons, this is war. Stop using cute euphemisms for deaths, life-shattering injuries, and taxpayer money. It's not cute.

Good video on why "nation building" in Afghanistan was doomed from the start. (Disregard the whole infomercial bits.)

The military-industrial complex knew this, and milked US coffers while insisting it "wasn't the right time to leave" for 20 years.

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Guys! Guys!

I did some math. Not even hard math, and here’s what I figured out.

If you’re NOT vaccinated, Covid-19 is 20x more deadly that the flu.

If you ARE vaccinated, COVID-19 is 1/15th as deadly as the flu.

Anyway. Math.

Ivermectin is the Tide Pod Challenge of the antivaxxer crowd. Except it’s real. And it’s being done by adults.

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Anything that can be done in HTML and CSS (without JavaScript) should be done in HTML and CSS (without JavaScript)

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Accidentally said “Maxine Vandate” in a meeting just now and would like to offer it to anyone needing a drag name, you’re welcome.

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My newest book is already in use by organizations the world over to inform content strategy!

@movie_pundit calls it "a fascinating and invaluable guide" to the new world of voice.

• Buy now:
• Vote for David @sxsw:

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Dear NVDA / Firefox users,

Using this set of SVGs with table roles:

I am curious if you have the issues navigating as I have outlined in this NVDA issue report:

#12767 Table Roles in SVGs Do Not Support Table Navigation

Some possible reinforcement for including the colors of a data biz in its alt-text, especially when using semantically symbolic color schemes.
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What do congenitally blind individuals know about color? A lot. An elegant demonstration of how much you can learn just from language (and thinking).

Shared understanding of color among sighted and blind adults | PNAS

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Advocating for accessibility in an organization is a change management skill.

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Today is a good day to remember that George W. Bush is a monster who led the US into two disastrous wars in the Middle East and not some kindly old man who took up painting in retirement.

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Need more positive sci-fi books in my life that start dystopian, but are about rebuilding and fixing what's broken.. think terraforming, society building, social rights, health etc. maybe these exist? got any recommendations?

Thanks, @WyrmworksDale, for making these resources!

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