Loss of faith in Judiciary is a collateral damage when:

FIVE ACRE for based to appease majority;

"Common Conscience" in consideration for death sentence keeping aside evidence.

Outcome will be mass appeal for like instance.

Hi everyone,

Anyone around?? Wanna talk about the features to be introduced on Google Maps.. I got a response from local guide connect what actual features I need. I need ur help in suggesting the points. In fact attach the link or ss.

Waiting for your response

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Grave concern...social inequality breeds in institutions of higer learning.

Source: Indian Express

I have always believed that India on its worst day is still better than China with its democracy, liberal values etc.

However, there is a limit to internal strains that India can take.

Self goals like this will ensure that India gets left far behind on international stage.

The is clearly targeted at Muslims as the Citizenship Amendment Bill gives automatic citizenship to other faiths from Afghanistan, Bangladesh & Pakistan.

With millions running around to prove their citizenship & an air of uncertainty NRC will impose big economic costs.

1/3 For those who thought it was all over with the Ayodhya verdict is the new Ram Mandir which will be used to polarize politics on religious lines.

is also the new as it will wreck havoc in many lives & thus impose big economic &social costs on India.

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When it comes to poke and trolls..Knowledge and Human Development Authority, UAE is at par with standards 😂

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Indian voters are responsible for the mess India is in, there is no point excoriating the opposition. After the shambolic lie-filled 5 years of Modi, they fell for his bizarre campaign, and handed him 303 seats and 5 more years to play with their lives.

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I miss those days when rain is the exception and not the rule!

From today, I will publish my tweets on Twitter and Mastodon. If you want to contact me for sensitive stuff use:
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The brainwashed do not know they are brainwashed. -- Wendy Williams

@Vishsai @sherot Elliot Anderson exposed vulnerability in Aadhaar and digital India govt apps

Do you agree BJP, VHP, RSS, Bajrang Dal and Hindu Yuva Vahin are no less than militant organizations?

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