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Directory of certain topics:

is for all BJD sculpting and doll progress posts

Click into the replies to see links to threads and posts on various other topics.

Directory of certain topics:

is for all BJD sculpting and doll progress posts

Click into the replies to see links to threads and posts on various other topics.

Oh wait, it doesn't let you pin followers only posts. That seems an oversight.

I might redo my directory to make it followers-only, since you need to be on Mastodon to click through to them anyway.

For clarification, these are the result of me musing on how broken my brain used to be about this topic during the 2012-2016 period, and the social flaw/root for why that happened in the first place 👍

Upon further research, they were a smash hit but unfortunately people were hospitalised, and some died after consuming the drink in large quantities

Being relaxed and stressed at the same time is my base condition, seems a shame to deny others that opportunity

I've just found out these (alcohol+caffeine energy...beers??) existed and I can tell you these would've been a smash hit in the UK, no complaints here

Imagine if someone wasn't talking to you for a reasonable reason that was nothing to do with you, then that reason was no longer a problem, but they continued to not talk to you

Genuine hypothetical, not a subtoot, not something that has happened, my brain just asks questions like this

I guess in the last week. I've set up my background, set up my cameras/found the right camera angles/locations, designed a style of makeup I think looks ok on camera, a hairstyle, cut my hair slightly, fringe added in. So basically all stuff to get ready for sculpting and filming it.

Also made some good decisions about the sculpts themselves, that is; the difference between the two sizes/age groups of doll characters I will be sculpting, which namely is physical maturity and facial expression.

So, I rearranged/set up for sculpting and filming, and also uh deleted a lot of Toots, so far today

It's been hot the last couple of days and I've been sleeping too much, unintentionally, as a result, and having a difficult time concentrating, so, fun. But I should be able to get back to it properly very soon.

There's also a thing where the woman's mind usually kind of picks up on the 'wanted by all' male desire, and then wants to be wanted by all too, along with the one person, which is just constant stress because it means trying to impress all humans on the earth at once, but especially one of them

There's also an element of BPD 'favourite person' like-behaviour/ or rejection sensitivity in all this...

If somehow the brain could be recalibrated so that we both just worry about being wanted by the other, or better, don't need to worry about that at all, then I could change my stance.

I guess: I'd rather have none than worry about being wanted by one who worries about being wanted by all (except me)

Deleting some posts as I realised my cool take covers all those bases more succinctly

The last video store in my county closed last year and reopened this afternoon as a marijuana dispensary with a huge party and a line halfway up the block. Zeitgeist 2019!

Cool take 

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