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Directory of my posts. I post about a lot of different topics.
For ๐“ฃ๐“ฎ๐”๐“ฝ๐“น๐“ธ๐“ผ๐“ฝ๐“ผ, see:

BJD Dollmaking and accessory making:

For 2D digital art:

Photos of me:

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Ok I've updated all three of my websites now, and decided what they are.
Nothing is available for sale since I have to make it first (aha), but: is my corporate website, where I post doll updates (DollUnited is the name of my business) is my art site which is also a shop is/will be my doll shop (Animated Angels is the name of the doll range)

All because the lady loves... Sliders

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I should state that zero of my posts online are directed at any specific people, unless I screencap an individual person's posts and comment on them, though lots of people tend to say very similar things at the same time these days

If you relate to my posts it is mere coincidence. I mostly only pay attention to anonymous posts on women's blogs and forums rather than public posts/accounts and definitely give 0 shits about anyone not personally involved in my life irl

jobs should be more like doing occasional chores to keep society running rather than being shoved into a 24/7 social role which defines most of your waking existence and all the while is likely to be completely bullshit make-work designed to put you into a role which is designed to make you emphasize with the worldview of your rulers.

fuck work

What she said in response was polite and reasonable, yet the bootlickers appear telling her to be "humble" because Jack wrote a one-line Tweet asking her to DM him.

I did a scale drawing of my dolls (most of my prior drawings were for a larger size) propped it up on a shelf behind my head and fell asleep (essentially 'under' it)--

Prior weird feeling is gone. What spell did I just cast?

My new theory for weird autumn feelings/deja vu 

Weird search results 

I seem to feel slightly strange every October, I know I did last year and I don't know the cause nor solution. My life is the same all through the year, and there are no significant events that have happened in October to me in any year (to my recollection, which is poor/nonexistent)

Sorta cabin fever deja vu type feelings. Mysterious.

So I did a painting for day 16, but I wasn't happy with it, and I think it's because even though it was an interesting theme, poison plant is going offbrand for me (where my brand is cute princesses and animals)

With that said, I sketched out something for the day 17 prompt 'Ornament' in about 30 mins, will probably work on it more later on today.

Well, I made an art, and I think it's good but I'm not gonna show it, eheh

I'm in a weird mood today probably because suddenly launching into reading php files as a hobby broke my brain

Using my usual winging it technique of randomly painting with no plan in order to try and make a nice artpiece - I think I managed it.

North Korea 

Decided I preferred the slider on the art site to have no text other than the title, so I tracked down the slider php file and set it to 0 instead of 25

Keep being amazed when one of my tiny edits doesn't break the site ๐Ÿ˜…

Updating my cookie notices on my sites to be kawaii lilac and pink to match the theme.

I'm going to take a little better photos of my traditional art from now, now I have a nice website to post it on and I'm not restricted to a couple of inches of an app to display them on. Closeups an' stuff like that.

So I guess we have a situation where one person did not know or respect the boundaries, and the other person finally decided enough was enough. I wonder if this was a tolerance that changed, or the initiator was newly empowered by something. I've seen this happen twice *this week*, so I'm serious when I say 'trend'

Don't want to seem insensitive, but I notice a trend of people posting Tweets or other content where they describe their intentionally annoying or disruptive behaviour -as if it were charming, and then a few months later, several posts announcing their divorce, where it appears the annoyed party was the one who initiated it.

I wasn't interested in the Inktober/Drawlloween prompts for the last few days, and also was working on my websites and doll stuff, but I like today's prompts 'Poison Plant' and 'Wild' so I will be drawing something.

My sense of what is "enough" work to do is warped from previously being chronically fatigued (permanent tiredness = ignoring tiredness)

Which means doing 6-8 hours work, thinking I'm ready to do more and then falling asleep.

Anyway, I'm happy with my sites now. They all connect nicely to the others while still offering something unique.

Small changes 

My websites fully work now. I really liked that theme. so I think it was worth the extra effort to fix the error and change the banner.

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