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Directory of my posts. I post about a lot of different topics.
For ๐“ฃ๐“ฎ๐”๐“ฝ๐“น๐“ธ๐“ผ๐“ฝ๐“ผ, see:

BJD Dollmaking and accessory making:

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Ok I've updated all three of my websites now, and decided what they are.
Nothing is available for sale since I have to make it first (aha), but: is my corporate website, where I post doll updates (DollUnited is the name of my business) is my art site which is also a shop is/will be my doll shop (Animated Angels is the name of the doll range)

All because the lady loves... Sliders

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I should state that zero of my posts online are directed at any specific people, unless I screencap an individual person's posts and comment on them, though lots of people tend to say very similar things at the same time these days

If you relate to my posts it is mere coincidence. I mostly only pay attention to anonymous posts on women's blogs and forums rather than public posts/accounts and definitely give 0 shits about anyone not personally involved in my life irl

Updating the flat shipping prices with descriptions.

I'm pretty much done with the sites now for the main functionality stuff, ((except the links page which I'm still doing)) and it all works perfectly.

I want customers to get an email with a tracking link, and also give them the information about putting the tracking number into the USPS website once it leaves England. I might have to make my own email template and send that manually.

Been doing 0.01 transactions to test out what emails a customer gets/what they look like/checking everything works

I've set it up so it has the little paypal popup window to log in. There was another option to send you to a paypal page, but I prefer the popup box as you visually 'stay' on the site.

Now messing around with the order confirmation emails, and setting up the checkout bit a little more

I am not enjoying

Adding flat shipping rates and figuring out how much I should charge based on my known parcel sizes/shipping fees for the fastest tracked delivery to US and UK. I will never do slow shipping because as a customer, slow shipping is very anxiety inducing.

I've kinda been chipping away at this website over the last week getting it ready.

Messing around with prices and products on my site.
I'm very much a consumer of the things I'm going to be selling, so I know what the 'right' price is/what I would want to buy.

I've learned via messing around that I'd want the brooches to be about 15GBP plus shipping, and I'd rather buy a separate pyjama set doll at around 85GBP and buy the fancy fullset outfit later, or as a second item in the same order.


I'm watching Marilyn Monroe Declassified, which I'm regretting already because I expected the information regarding her death to be super sketchy and just opinion.

NOpe, there is a ton of evidence to suggest she was murdered. I recommend this video. It is kinda badly edited in that some images and clips are warped, but the collection of connected people they got to talk about her are all pretty legit and create an interesting picture.

my mom is watching a show that somehow involves a mastodon so she suddenly shouted out "Mastodon!" and ive never been so terrified in my life

There's also a thing where modern cameras make every colour and shade deeper and brighter (high contrast) meaning if you are not the 'right' shade of cream, you are gonna photograph weirdly -- compare to old cinema, which was colourful and soft and everyone looked good

Thinking about how every mirror and camera lens makes someone *without* body dysmorphia look different due to angles and distortion. Almost gaslighting for those who do have body dysmorphia since cameras and mirrors are *actually* making you look slightly different every time.

My lil brain loved to see this cute stupid shit again, god bless Jhonen Vasquez.

Actually a very good plotline too. I kinda expected less of it based on the reactions I read when it came out.

Cleansing the palate with the Invader Zim movie โœจ

However it did help me crack this male character drawing I've been doing, I guess because the Bad Opinions were at least unabashedly honest

I've been working on one of my banners again, painting a character this time, which is also an exploration of how I'm going to sculpt my boys. I think I will make the eyes a little different from the female characters, just to embody a slightly different mood.

I've had back luck with accidentally ingesting Bad Opinions via text and movie format today

Bad movies rant 

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