Thinking about how I mostly only follow guys/most of my followers are guys (1/3 female or 1/4 female depending on platform) or gender neutral accounts.

I do also read two anonymous websites where women talk freely, and I really like all those women and their opinions.

I think women generally are more cautious about posting their true opinions and experiences online, which leads to very few interesting public female accounts, whereas I really love reading all the stuff they post anonymously.

I'm not sure whether the caution is entirely founded, but part of it is social pressure to be perfect in the eyes of all strangers - looks, opinions.

When I do see a female account which seems interesting, so often it is performative and has 'wife/witch/girl' in the username, and the focus is to be the perfect waifu or manic pixie dream girl, rather than just to be yourself and who cares what anyone thinks.

@shesgabrielle See that on all genders. Guess this is a consequence of loneliness.

@gcb I kinda think it's something we are trained into via employment and school. We must fit into a certain role, be appealing to the general public, look good, say the right things. Expressing yourself is seen as a faux pas in both environments.

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