Please join me as we curse bad programmers who make halfassed plugins that somehow have tens of thousands of downloads and permanently break your site even after uninstalling them

I just realised uninstalling the whole thing is a REALLY bad idea as there is some config files stuff I don't want to mess around with again

I ca't really accept one of my sites being broken on mobile view.

I've narrowed it down to being the theme/content folder that caused the issue, and not the plugin folder, though it was absolutely the plugin that caused it. It must have overwritten or created a file which blocked my mobile layout from loading.

I was so close to finishing and now I'm wasting my day fixing something that already worked perfectly yesterday. Currently reuploading the entire folder of 7000 files, and even after that I'm probably going to have to manually redo so much of what I already did.

I guess this is fate, I was not meant to do anything useful today. (Starting to know how Eugen felt after his update was nearly complete and the image host broke for several days out of nowhere)

Gonna just pretend this hiccup didn't happen and proceed with the art stuff I was gonna do today. The reuploading is going to take some time so staring angrily at the laptop isn't gonna help :')

I did try first reuploading certain smaller files or folders that seemed to be likely offenders, but this didn't fix the problem, so I'm taking a pest control approach of deleting the whole folder and replacing it entirely with the working version from ShesGabrielle.


Mobile view is back. I really did have to reupload that entire folder, huh.

It's all working perfectly again.

Time to backup the working version of the site so this doesn't happen again.

@shesgabrielle Don't get me started on this, the amount of sheer stupidness I've seen among the plugin devs is ... silly. That's not what programming is really about, honestly. I hope you did fix the problem!

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