Poster for Cyborg 2087.

Text: Half human...Half machine! Programmed to kill!
His mission...Stop the invasion of the cyborgs!

Big fan of the 'I put a jumpsuit and a belt on, I'm a spaceman now' visuals during this era of sci-fi.

This Island Earth (1955)

This photographer decided his USP was to be stolen Tweets. I noticed all his captions appear to be from viral Tweets, but this one I had even seen before..IDGI. His photos are good, is this necessary?

I don't have trypophobia, this gives me the creepz due to the implication of it as a finely-honed surveillance machine, handily pointed at anyone in the vicinity. This is what people will see when someone holds their phone in the street, on public transport, at work. It's three cameras/lenses disguised as a phone. That's creepy.

I am this boy from these photos of the Stockholm climate protest (from birdsite)

Doin' some sculpting and watching Into The Woods. It turns into a different movie past 1hr 15, and it's so good.

I love the character design for Meryl Streep:

(This is pretty accurate to what I'd look like if I tried to fight.)

Art by Lee Junho.

Reposted on @keyframes.ig

Art by @click_burgundy

How is this daily posting physically possible? Is it by having tons of WIPs at once and working on them all a bit each day? I might try that.

Randomly looking at the cast of some show called Versailles and uh, that's some very specific casting of about 4 variant facial structures.

Just warping the irises I painted in 2015 (which are based on my own eyes, in different colours) so they are this sorta shape.

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