Mostly finished. I want to get back to sculpting today, so I'm leaving this art at 'nearly finished' until tomorrow.

WIP girl logo character on right with closer-to-finished boy logo character on left. I will only display one at a time (box cover, logo) but I want them to be a set/look good next to each other

I think I might print this for the doll box lids in future. I'll also make a girl one for the same purpose.

Painting this was quite quick earlier, but doing the simple task of copying the file, opening in other pc, pasting the logo on, copying again and opening up on original pc somehow took several hours ()

Anyway I made a cute boy for my logo, I maybe will make a girl too and alternate them. This is not finished yet.

Here's a drawn in the last hour and a half, the previous banners from this week under it as style/quality guides

Not finished yet, but I'm probably gonna fall asleep soon.

Cute boy from today with 90s hair.

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