Started sculpting the face of the second girl doll now. ✨

Part of the reason I also try and avoid gloves is I'm identifying myself as the sculptor, which is a bit more difficult if you're wearing gloves.

I've been using gloves for the last couple days but have switched to bare hands again now, as I think it looks better on camera.

The backside, as in literal back and butt of the second doll that I'm sculpting, is looking particularly good right now.

I think I will need to create a new armature for the breast part, as this clay is so soft I keep squishing the front out of shape.

I've been doing more sculpting. Working on the torso for girl two now, and the head armature and neck. It's looking better.

i think I'll develop the first girl's body a bit more, develop the second girl's head and maybe then I can show them both on camera. I'm still filming clips as I go to show the progress.

I've made very good progress on the second girl body, it's much more developed than the first now. (The first one is the only one I've shown online so far)

But, she doesn't have a head/face yet, so I want to sculpt that first before I show her.

I'm sculpting again, working on the second girl doll (torso and upper legs)

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Interestingly (to me) this means both my doll sizes will fit into the 'tiny' range of BJDs (everything BJD is scaled up, so 'tiny' means 'normal sized,' 'mini' means large, and 'large' means very large.)

Fun! I actually love the 'very large' size, and intended to sculpt them that size, but when I started sculpting it naturally ended up being this size, so 'tiny'. I could make them slightly taller but not by much, maybe 1-2 cm.

Deciding on a packaging size gives me some rules about the size of my dolls. The larger girls and boys will be about 36cm, and the smaller ones will be around 27cm. I haven't started sculpting the smaller ones yet, so that's a guess.

I may have found a solution to my packaging worries. I've seen the videos of delivery guys chucking packages over fences, at doors, and at the pavement, and I want to give my dolls a fighting chance of not arriving broken. Most of my customers will be in the US which means packages will go on a long journey.

So, I found a thing and I think it will work!

Very short phone clip of one of the dolls. I have lots more WIP footage from my camera to edit.

Gonna try and make the second head now. Also want to start the two wig busts today.

Sculpting my first two doll's torsos and butts again today ✨

Sculpting is going well, so I think I will start my two busts (male and female, for wigmaking+modelling purposes) today, alongside my other work.

I now have a full sculpted torso (upper and lower) for girl 2, and have improved the torso for girl 1. Probably need to make the head for girl 2 now.

Girl 1 has a slim hourglass figure where girl 2 has a larger bust and smaller lower body. Haven't done the arms and legs for either yet but they will probably be fairly similar.

I'm using a different clay colour for girl 2, and it's a much softer clay despite being the exact same brand and type, so I need to make sure my armatures are very strong and exact, otherwise I can easily squash something accidentally.

Back to sculpting.

So far, worked on the boobs for girl 1 (really...sculpting a suggestion of nipples in. I don't want it to be too realistic, but still more than a fashion doll.)

And rebuilding the armature torso on girl 2, as I made it too small and weak to support the clay without buckling.

I didn't build a good foundation for the point where the lower part of the upper torso will swivel in the lower torso piece, because I originally intended it to swivel at the exact waist, and now will have it swiveling at the hipbone

So girl 1's lower torso is gonna need some rebuilding, and girl 2 I will be able to make with this hourglass shape already in mind.

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