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Pondering, Fediverse 

Pondering, Fediverse 

Still think about the ridiculous premise of iPhone. To be unique, you need to buy this thing that is the best selling thing of its type in the world

Me: I'm not procrastinating

Also me: *typing each letter of the alphabet into the Instagram search bar, one by one, to see which accounts are suggested, and clicking into the interesting ones*

:gimp: For those who missed the news, #GIMP got forked big time: 

I just found a good Instagram reposter account @youdidnotsleepthere, which does what it says on the tin

I've aged the current WIP up a bit so he looks a similar age to the girl I designed yesterday, but I need a break now✨

Movie complaints, rewatching old movies 

Movie complaints, rewatching old movies 

Movie complaints, rewatching old movies 

Movie complaints, rewatching old movies 

I might call the sizes:

Animated Angels - Hero
Animated Angels - Faerie

The new change of the past day is making a more clear distinction between sizes/ages in my characters, which also means you won't see a more childlike 'doll-like' face on a muscly male or busty girl body. My aim for the adult doll bodies is for them to be a little like superheroes. I have multiple older sketches of this, accordingly. The smaller dolls are more like petite elves.

I'm thinking of maybe making the more mature dolls with expressions in 1/4 scale and the neutral expression dolls being a smaller 1/6 scale (where scale is not really literal as in 'scale figure', and more referring to height)

Fedi is like a comedy show and a burlesque show and an art show and a TED talk and a court trial all going on at once, on the same stage, and all the participants are engaged in each of those all at the same time.

Singing, health 

Are you writing software that's intended to be used by $GROUP? Does $GROUP need some special accessibility considerations in your software design?

That's fantastic. Here's the secret, though:

Have someone from $GROUP use your software. Make sure they know you want them to tell you about where you fucked up. Show that you're taking their feedback into consideration when fixing what they specifically mentioned and also when implementing things in future updates.

The best person to tell you what to change in your software to help $GROUP is someone in $GROUP.

I thought about giving my dolls expressions a while ago, this is the first time I tried it out.
I think it will be better than a completely neutral/ambiguous expression.

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