November’s digest is out. In this issue: Digital public infrastructure • Radicle • EFF podcast

The December @redecentralize
re-digest is out! Covering the EU’s new proposals for regulating ‘gatekeeper’ platforms, remote CCC conf and DWeb meetup, moderation of decentralised communities, general updates and events coming up:

Not only is the @redecentralize February digest out, but we have also updated our website!
🎉 😊

Have a look ->

Why open standards and interoperability is key to breaking the dominance of tech monopolies - a post from me on :)

The January @redecentralize re-digest is out!
-> featuring decentralised social media, comparing federated and p2p approaches incl mastodon & scuttlebutt; org and tech comparison of IPFS & DAT; what makes decentralisation hard & why decentralise; ditching 3rd party cookies & upcoming events!

@raelzero thank you, and thank you!

i think it's good to think about what it means to decentralize/distribute, and what in particular we want to distribute. @shevski does a lot of good thinking and writing about that subject via

Here's @asimong talking about decentralisation, standards, and interoperability at

Making a good point about imposed standards and how people in working groups often don't have a good understanding of the 'commons' and consensus/consent-based decision-making.

Discussions around decentralised identity, DIDs, and verifiable claims at

(I'm particularly interested in verifiable claims from an Open Badges and digital credentials point of view)

It's @soapdog up now at talking about SSB and how we can't just leave the regular web behind when we work on new decentralised tech.

“…so if the future brings us to a Mad Max-kinda' reality, will be really useful… 🙄” — @soapdog introduces Secure Scuttlebutt at #Redecentralize Unconf 2019

“We can't expect to raze and burn the existing web, we need to take our decentralized technologies to "regular" web users — this is why browser addons are important, and why I started working on, a #Firefox addon that's a Secure Scuttlebutt client…” #ssb #moztechspeakers

In 'Patterns for Decentralisation' workshop at . Great conversations at on Friday with some of the same people, so expecting great things!

🎉 Redecentralize UnConference this Friday in London: Come 😀

Interested in a fairer, freer web and net? Working on decentralisation? Care about privacy, autonomy and our future digital infrastructure?

Then join us to learn, compare experiences, bounce ideas, share challenges and lessons learnt, hatch collaborations, plan campaigns and start projects.

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