We misunderstand and downplay the emotional and political significance of open worlds and virtual spaces at our peril

After years of working in security, technology culture and digital infrastructure, I’m putting out the first New Design Congress newsletter this week. It’s about developing ways to understand the subtlety in complexity and chaos.

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DM or reply here, or email me! I have a few very specific, contained problems I need help with!

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This is a smol callout!

I’ve been working away on my Txt for the past year, and I’m now posting publicly to ask for help with a contribution. Any developers have some time to assist with getting this little app to a usable state? (Ping @liaizon @ticky @rra @privacytools)

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I really struggle with getting into Mastodon. On one hand, I’m certain the quality of interaction here is higher than other platforms. But somehow it’s kind of overwhelming and difficult to find interesting people?

Idk, lol 🤷‍♂️

I lost access to my account, and the admin ( doesn’t reply to emails. so I’m back here! 🙃

I can’t tell whether I’m nervous because I’m excited about my 2019, or anxious because I know how much work 2019 is going to be 😰

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