I really struggle with getting into Mastodon. On one hand, I’m certain the quality of interaction here is higher than other platforms. But somehow it’s kind of overwhelming and difficult to find interesting people?

Idk, lol 🤷‍♂️

I lost access to my sunbeam.city account, and the admin (@puffinus_puffinus) doesn’t reply to emails. so I’m back here! 🙃

I can’t tell whether I’m nervous because I’m excited about my 2019, or anxious because I know how much work 2019 is going to be 😰

The response against that terrible Pepsi revolution ad is encouraging. We need to tear down the tendency to celebrate corporate exploitation of progressive values.

- Same sex couples in life insurance ads
- Nike/Adidas commissioning dancers, artists and musicians (eg as the FKA Twigs & 0PN collaboration)
- Apple Music commissioning ANOHNI's "Drone Bomb Me" music video as an exclusive

Microsoft's Design Team has done a ton of amazing work on inclusive design. This is a seriously good resource for when you're designing or building anything in tech. microsoft.com/en-us/Design/inc

Back home visiting my folks. I just discovered that they printed and framed Ripley’s graduation photo, displaying it prominently on their bookcase. 💖 mastodon.social/media/onSCajtv

The best thing about Mastodon is that haven't figured out how to with it yet

Not only is Mastodon open source, but its creator - the wonderful (and currently really stressed) @Gargron - actually cares about UX, actually cares about community, and is encouraging the creation of new clients. We can add new features, plugins, whatever. There’s room for a galaxy here.

Remember when there were more than 5 decent Twitter clients? Remember when Twitter cared about being a developer platform? Those were the days.


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(I hate, hate, HATE the way that Twitter makes it so easy to take words out of context, the length forcing you to take you complex thoughts and whittle them down until they’re sharp spikes ready to go into your own foot - Twitter has broken down all barriers to communication and caused More And Bloodier Wars than any other social network in the history of creation.)


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