For all these privacy issues with smart speakers, couldn't we just repurpose the Starfleet combadge to invoke the assistant, only activating the microphone when the button is pressed?

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I don't know why this is so funny but I can't stop laughing at it

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scare the shit out of yourself when you look at your kidneys and think septicemia when you're just really bad at remembering you scratch your sides in the morning

my eyes are basically rolled permanently into the back of my skull.

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A broader Stadia-related question: supposing it does succeed, and gaming for PC no longer really requires the kind of year-to-year upgrades and PC assembly that characterize the bleeding edge of gaming-- what then happens to the hobby of PC building? To the components industry that serves a diverse, if somewhat niche, individual customer base?

gosh that google POC for Stadia looks an awful lot like Warframe

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To be fair, an almost $2000 smartphone is how you successfully bleed early adopters with too much money on their hands, I guess.

For everyone else, it's an opportunity to grab some popcorn and watch some patsies make poor life choices.

yeah so that's an almost $2000 smartphone, Samsung. No.

Russia’s Justice Ministry has proposed new laws to exempt officials implicated in corruption if non-compliance with anti-graft laws is found to be unavoidable.

#russia #corruption #laws #legislation

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