Upside to the Bezos launch: a truly impressive display of hydrogen-oxygen rocket motor technology and recoverable booster capability.

Downside: Bezos came back down flaunting a bigger dick. 😒

I have no complaints. We are finally leaving an endless war, and therefore ending it, and we are offering sanctuary to those who may be targeted for their parts in it as well.

US to evacuate Afghans who assisted US military-

Pass this around to people you know in under-served areas.

(there is a privacy policy description page linked in the Consumer Reports page for those concerned)

There's a lot to read in this particular EO. Right to repair is one thing, and is extremely welcome given that flagship phones now regularly feature at $700+ dollars, but the potential restoration of net neutrality rules (pending how the FCC leadership reacts to this) could be a huge thing and inform how US privacy practices develop going forward instead of data being just up for grabs depending who has the biggest wallet.

I can't think of anything worse than letting this opportunity go by. It's a win in every way to get something done and something good. Two bills, one bill. What we want to avoid is no bill.

It's possible that is experiencing a bit more action than it has for a while, I'm seeing a more or less consistent 480 req/s of traffic

I am enormously proud and deeply, deeply exhausted to announce that after two years of bargaining the Ziff Davis Creators Guild has its first union contract.

Privacy and ToS

God help you if you're already on this platform, ByteDance likely reserve the right to pull this data from whatever footage you've already supplied them

The 30-day free trial version must have expired and he didn't want to pay for it?

Trump shuts down his blog after less than a month-

Did Texas ever address the thing where all the power goes out whenever it gets below 32 degrees?

No? Figures..   

Because Republicans won’t fix anything that really matters.

A party with a winning message doesn't need to restrict voting. This is the only idea the GOP has, and it is neither new nor good.  

Texas becomes latest battle in GOP's push for stricter voting laws. Here are the others.

Harder and harder to tune out the sound of TOS phaser orbital bombardment that goes for just hooooours.

Because those are cicadas. Yes, I know.

Kind of brilliant-- Colonial pays the ransom, and then, not three days later, the ransomware gang gets their shit knocked in and their Bitcoin stash seized.

@DrHankPym This is a great time to point out that we'd have been here sooner if the former guy hadn't denied there was a problem and if Republicans weren't politicizing a pandemic and its solutions- and still are.

I don't sing, but this is just wonderful. Certainly does make me wish I were better at singing. Or languages.

Why is Lauren Boebert even there?

You know what, screw it, I'll concentrate on prepping a resume for the upcoming Biotech ARPA

"No reason why America can't lead in green jobs"

*Republicans glance around*

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