I want to break down why this is not a valid news item, and why it is also not an FBI operation... From a infosec perspective.

The emails that were "Found" are only images of emails... no access to the original emails with headers that would make the data usable in a legal action.

The laptop was in a third party's hands for quite some time before it was "subpoenaed"... this means that the chain of custody is borked, and is non-admissable in any investigation.

I would expect this sort of thing out of a Giuliani Associates operation.

This article is misinformation, and likely just wet food for the Q-Anons out there.

Christ Lester Holt-- the shoe fits, why question the description?

Hicks traveled w/the president to PA for a rally on Sat, to Cleveland for the first presidential debate &to MN for another campaign rally.

She was photographed w/out a mask at the PA rally w/other Trump aides &in Cleveland on the tarmac deplaning AF1.

Trump, who doesn’t wear a mask or promote social distancing, is oft seen in close prox w/his entourage who also do not follow public health experts’ precautions

Hope Hicks, close Trump aide, tests positive for coronavirus

Oh my god what a fucking asshat. Cut off Trump's fucking mic


Pelosi says Democrats will 'use every arrow in our quiver' to block Trump's Supreme Court nominee.

Pelosi won't rule out launching new impeachment inquiry to block Trump SCOTUS nominee:

For all the holdouts wishing for ideological purity, you're even further away from your hopes with a 6-3 conservative super-majority and Trump. Any liberal or progressive or environmental voter or Social Democrat is so much further from our good goals.

Our only hope is a Democratic Senate majority and Trump out of office. This is not new information. It's been a long screaming siren.

We need to stop falling for propaganda trying to separate us and work together. 2/4

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Gather your energy.
Gather your family, friends, & relatives.

Mobilize. Organize. VOTE. There is no staying home. There is no 3rd party voting. Please join the fight.

"Nothing can stop the power of a committed and determined people to make a difference in our society." - John Lewis

Bookmark this site. Share it with everyone you can. The Colbert Show has everything you need to know to vote in all 50 states.
#BetterKnowABallot #Elections2020 #Vote #BidenHarris2020

Legendary investigative journalist Bob Woodward has a book coming out that contains, among other things, the revelation that trump told him directly that he knew #COVID19 is deadly. "You breathe the air and that's how it's passed," he said. "This is deadly stuff." Meanwhile, 45* was refusing to wear masks and telling the public that it would go away.

We already knew, of course, but Woodward has him on record. We can't get through to his cult. Let's reach the non-voters.

In lieu of broadcasting the President's latest, this is in memoriam of the 10 dead Americans in Bacon County, Georgia killed by his administration's incompetent COVID-19 response.

189,187 Americans have died of COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

Trump has now compromised the credibility & integrity of the FDA.

To cherry-pick a small subset of data from a nonrandomized clinical trial is completely meaningless. It’s a classic example known as “selection bias” and has absolutely no validity whatsoever.

This corruption of a major federal agency is unconscionable & criminal.

Several claims by the Trump administration, including those by FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn, were incorrect or misleading, scientists say:

Much as I understand that it's unprecedented for a former President to trash a sitting President, it's also unprecedented that the sitting President is a piece of trash. To not have addressed the sitting President in existential terms would be to ignore the gross maladministration foisted upon the nation.

Frankly, Obama just called it like he saw it. A raging dumpster fire. It's hard to miss.

Congratulations, Joe Biden, Democratic nominee for President of the United States!

Now let's get to work kicking that orange fuckface out on his pasty, flaccid ass and audit the shit out of his holdings.

Birdsite (but also Reddit)

Those of you still sporting birdsite accounts, care to follow this comment's advice and report that Trump tweet for voting disinformation?

Real question:

Why do political commentators continue to address Trump and his handpicked toadies as if they are still owed a presumption of candor, competence, or normality? Esquire has the right idea when they append an asterisk to "President*," but why doesn't anyone else really do this? Why continue to sully the Office of the Presidency by appending the title to Trump's name?

Given this, keep situational awareness and communications security paramount in your mind. I think I'll start perusing for more infosec resources to boost (more than I already have been, anyway)

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