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"Because of you" and not "because of me" is what leaders actually sound like.

Almost forgot. #PresidentialAddress

Not having to wince at "President of the United States" is a good feeling

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy.

On second thought, I can think of someone more deserving, but this is still one step closer to that other guy.....

The search was part of a long-running investigation into whether the one-time New York mayor and Trump attorney acted as an unregistered foreign agent, people familiar with the matter said.

Federal agents execute search warrant at Rudy Giuliani’s home
By Shayna Jacobs, Devlin Barrett and Josh Dawsey

Oh man... empathizing with Thor is not something I get to do often

Gotta say, the second dose appointment went at least twice as fast as the first one. National Guard personnel shuttling people around, line moving super smoothly, this is really how it should look.

Not to knock their operations the first time round, but holy crap the difference is night and day.

Some days, you just need the sun and fresh air in your lungs to even feel human.

Yes, coffee didn't do the trick this time. Shocking, I know.

This asshole needs to pay.
Financially, mentally & emotionally.

We need to get creative on these amoral criminal sociopaths.

Societal sanctions, view them as an adversary.

When someone tries to hurt Americans, we need to chastise them & make them F'n miserable.

Whatever the causation and method of this tragedy, we have to stop accepting things like this as a normal part of life in the U.S.

Live updates: Suspect in Atlanta-area spa shootings that left eight dead might have frequented businesses, authorities say:

This can be an uncomfortable or difficult conversation for some. It is, however, incredibly important and incredibly necessary.

I recently had my first colonoscopy. They removed polyps which I just learned were benign. (Phew)

What I wanted to share was information relayed by my doctor in his letter about the results.

"The type of polyp removed is referred to as 'adenoma.' This type of polyp, when not removed can grow larger over many years and has the potential to turn into a colon cancer."

Due to that sentence, I felt the need to do a #PublicServiceAnnouncement.

Here is more information:

Yes, you read that correctly. Not one Republican vote.

When all is said and done, this is a win for all Americans and desperately needed for the country. Republicans are going to face a lot of attack ads next year for opposing a bill that 62% of their own voters approved.

So thank you, Democrats and President Biden.

Senate passes $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill, including $1,400 stimulus checks, with no Republican support:

Reminder for Louisiana voters:

If you live in Louisiana's 2nd Congressional district or Louisiana's 5th Congressional district you have a Special Election coming on March 20, 2021 for a U.S. House Representative. There is a vacant seat in each of these districts.

The deadline to register to vote in these elections is February 27, online only. Register and make a plan to vote. Who represents you is important. Online Voter Registration:

If one candidate breaks 50 percent, they win the seat according to Louisiana's rules. If not, the top two advance to an April 24 runoff. #Louisiana #SpecialElections #LA02 #LA05 :registertovote: :vote: :la:

With this extremely dire article, I'm going to link some ways to help.

1. This Texas Tribune article lists organizations providing help along with how to donate money or items or volunteer in the area if you can.

2. Beto O'Rourke has organized phone banks to do wellness checks on older Texans.

Please help if you are able. #Texas

Texas hospitals are running out of water amid power outages. Some are evacuating patients for safety.

As millions of Texans remain without power, hospitals throughout the state have lost water and heat, leaving doctors scrambling to conserve resources and care for vulnerable residents.

In case some of you use LastPass and have been caught in an unappealing position with their recent price increases.

I would point to KeePass if you wanted something that worked on Windows/Linux and Android. I understand it does have versions on macOS and iOS, I just don't have one of those devices atm.

Today we celebrate four long years of resistance.

We never could have made it without all of us marching, canvassing, calling, protesting, texting, postcarding, and participating in countless other actions. Keep fighting. There is much to do going forward but today we start rebuilding.

Democracy is not set in stone. It is not guaranteed. It must be fought for, it must be defended and protected, and it must be improved and strengthened.

We must never stop convincing people to register to vote, to be involved in local politics, to have an opinion, and to use their voices.

Democracy is getting a second chance. There will not be a third. This has been grueling, but we need to find joy and mark happy days and celebrate this shift. Today is one of those days. Celebrate with us.

#InaugurationDay2021 #BidenHarris #Biden46 #BuildBackBetter :InaugurationDay2021: :Biden46_2: :bidengrin: :kamala:

Good riddance and the worst fortunes to a stain on our national conscience and an affront to competence, honesty, loyalty, decency, and general virtue as we know them. May your creditors come calling every waking moment of your life forthwith, and may they have their due at the expense of you, your wretched family, and your craven enablers.

May Justice then have its due after the creditors have had their way with you and your ilk.

@TonyStark If I'd spent all that money on Yale and Stanford and come out that ignorant, I'd be ashamed.

I'd be even more ashamed if I were the hiring managers at St. Paul's School and the University of Missouri Law School who let a fool like Hawley teach their students.

@DrStephenStrange @NatashaRomanoff

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