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Heyo, I made me a new Patreon header as well as updated my Patreon page with the current Otter Lance! Please check it out and support me if you are able to, thank you 💚

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is this how all the cool indie devs are doing their sprites, with no borders on the pixel art?

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if you take a peek off to the bottom right near the end of the video you can spy a bit of the other test room 👀

What's going on in there? I adjusted the room transition code to lock up Lance (and other stuff later) so it's a proper room transition

It was too disorientating with the camera moving while Lance was also movable

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Wait so you're telling me that you want to walk under and over the bridge and ALSO go inside the buildings? Well since you're all so nice, sure!

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As promised, a bridge that you can walk over and then walk under and you can still see Lance

Also, I figured out exactly how to pass arguments to shaders, so that water shader I was trying the other day may come true after all :O

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Cool hidden use of the camera clamp object I made

I can trick people into thinking I have a bunch of rooms, but actually its just one

Today I've posted a video to Patreon showing a summary of what I've done for Shield Cat since I started the progress. If you missed an update, you can check out the video and see camera controls, lance's movement, working walls, and indoors/outdoors!

Hey I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's being supportive of me while I'm working on the game

It's not just Patreons and whatnot, a lot of people have gotten excited whenever they see progress and ask about/talk to me about the game and it's very encouraging

It makes me wanna keep working on it to make it real

First finished art of the new years is my boy Lance!

If you wish to support me making Lance real, please visit my Patreon 💚

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but yea personally I feel like it's starting to look like something you'd expect to start moving around and showing a whole game but like

I haven't done any of that yet lmao

I discovered that, after laying down paths with GMS2's auto-tiling system, you can modify the tiles by just putting them, leading to the dirt path not looking so repetitive

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Here's what I got right now, I'll keep working on it but I'm out of time today

I also posted this on Patreon:

I gotta say, I never thought I'd be so glad to not be able to pass through objects

After some shenanigans it works! just gotta clear up the zindex issues and it'll be legit

follow this link to see the shenanigans

this isn't working as well when they're all bunched up together, hmm

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