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Heyo, I made me a new Patreon header as well as updated my Patreon page with the current Otter Lance! Please check it out and support me if you are able to, thank you 💚

Hey there! I've written a tutorial on how to do Palette-based Sprites in Gamemaker Studio 2! (It should also work in GMS1)

If you follow it, you SHOULD be able to do what's going on in the video. Check it out here:

#gamedev #indiedev #gamemaker

players: I'm just gonna spin through all of the Shield Cat levels really quickly

me: *codes these bad boys*

SHIELD CAT is a game about a spinning otter being developed by one lady (me)

You can check out a prototype demo for FREE by clicking here:

For $10 US you can get the game and get all updates to it, or you can pledge on Patreon to be part of the process!

It only took 8 months but we finally have a sprite of Lance, the main character of Shield Cat, holding a shield to throw

Please enjoy this drawing of Parker jumping through one of their magic portals!

I still haven't drawn Ruby properly yet, but this is the basic idea

She's a yeehaw beaver

forget the other menu, THIS is a menu

(the latter part shows mouse hovers too)

ok if I configured everything right, you SHOULD be able to get the game on itch for $10 US if you wanna play it but can't support me on Patreon

The build is the same as the demo build right now but you'll get future builds too

If you didn't get to play the demo build, I have it there

also I'll make a bigger deal out of this when I've made sure it works/the current build doesn't match the demo build (which will be really soon tbh)

Here's the changes I've made to Shield Cat in a little over a week and a half (the sum of my days off)

You'll have to go to birdsite to see it though, as mastodon wont take the video, even as a 5MB webm

Gave Lance his sounds and effects back and made the following changes:
- his spin effect is now predictable and reliable, producing the same amount of clouds each time
- he has a sound for when he's backward skidding
- when you stop pressing the button, the spin sound will slow

Deleting Lance from Shield Cat, just thought you all would like to know

I'm gonna replace him with Lance 2

alright I fixed it!!!

the particles still disappear but I think there's nothing to do about it since you can't really modify particles after they're created (naturally)

This is the most basic of all basic menus but it's here and it's real

too bad the way it works I cant use my mouse on it, but I already have ideas for that lmao

anyways I was done with gamemaker for the night but this code popped into my head so I wrote it

What do we learn from Mario 64? That with enough speed, anything is possible

I think this is a good place to leave it today!

If you wanna try it out for yourself, please click here:

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