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Been working on making a 3D model of Lance that I can render and then use for sprites

Spriting Lance in all these directions took about an hour. I can clean it up more, but I mainly just wanted to see if it'd work or not :O

First finished art of the new years is my boy Lance!

If you wish to support me making Lance real, please visit my Patreon 💚

After some shenanigans it works! just gotta clear up the zindex issues and it'll be legit

follow this link to see the shenanigans

We have collision!!!

The red box is Lance's hitbox and the arrows push him outside. I remembered this video that Pannen made about Mario 64 and walls, floors, and ceilings, and created a similar solution

Some progress today

I'm starting to really find the style and color palette that works I think!!

Heyo, I made me a new Patreon header as well as updated my Patreon page with the current Otter Lance! Please check it out and support me if you are able to, thank you 💚

Made the tail drag on the floor as someone suggested and changed the animation a little

Local girl with pretty much no animation experience tries to animate an otter with a big tail

There we go

General idea is to keep Lance's tail tucked up to him when standing still, rather than out behind him like it was before - that way I can keep his hitbox the same and NPCs/enemies cant walk on the tail (as it wont interact with them and therefore will look weird)

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