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Putting the final build of Shield Cat on itch and SAGE's website. Unless any major bugs are found with it, this is the version that I'll have for SAGE

I've added pretty much everything I can (barring major change stuff that I don't wanna do right now) and its good to go I think

Pleased to announce that everything I need to complete for the SAGE demo is complete! You can now go entirely through the cave area and get the results of how well you did

Hope you're ready to try it out soon!!

[music wip] working on this short loop for when you're on the start screen menu (where you load the game or start a new game etc) doesn't need to be long I think because you won't be there for long

I was working on Shield Cat and I found a really weird bug...??

Here goes the third one of these, this time with Olivia and Suzette!

There they are, the gamer girls

Here goes the second one of these, this time with Parker!!

I never drew a train before and couldn't find a reference for this exact angle so I just did what I could lmao

Speaking of builds of Shield Cat, I just put a new one and if you drop me $5 US on the good old pat of reon, you can access it right now

here's the release notes roxyfoxrab.itch.io/shield-cat/

Here's an incentive to get people to sign up for my Patreon: All patrons who have given me their preferred names show up on Shield Cat's title screen. If you get in before I put the SAGE demo, your name will be immortalized into that demo for all to see patreon.com/lumi

Here goes Lance's new animation, for when he's standing right on the edge of a cliff or platform. Always loved these kinds of animations lmao

There we go, after some more complex math the bridge is now double sided as you'd expect!!

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Here's the result of some very complex math: The rotating bridge now has guardrails on it AND they keep Lance from leaving the bridge once he's on it, regardless of his speed

the bridge itself is made of many sprites and it can be any length I choose

Today seems to be the day where I write code that gives extra leeway to the player. I just finished this code that helps keep you in the area if you don't really want to leave the area, for instance if you hit something right as you move to the next area or if you miss a petal

Testing out the new levers that I coded to make sure they work to open the gate. It's very lovely, but then I said "what if the gate's already open and you hit the lever again?"

I like this a lot and I'm not fixing it (I *had* fixed it but it wasn't as satisifying)

I put out a brand new build of Shield Cat, if you're into that sort of thing! It comes with a number of new features, improvements, and bug fixes - as well as half the cave area! patreon.com/posts/new-build-ha

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