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[poll] Hey there! I wrote a post where I talk about thoughts regarding Lance's abilities and his moveset during the game. Please read and vote in the poll! (it is open to everyone, not just patrons)


A game being made by @roxy@snouts.online in Gamemaker Studio 2. It is about an otter named Lance who loves to spin!

Check out the video and Patreon for more info, thanks💙



Who here enjoys Shield Cat updates? I posted a post on Patreon with a summary of what I've been up to the last couple months. There's a lot here, but there's a lot more I didn't cover that'll show up in the future hehe


- the background I drew mirrored so I can just draw it flipped horizontally and save a whole chunk of 320x360px VRAM for more backgrounds, I can have double the fancy backgrounds on a single texture page this way
- I improved the animation when you change menu choices

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Fun facts:
- each sub menu is its own object
- you can unpause from any menu (thanks roxy of the past for having the foresight to implement this, I had to do nothing extra to make it work)
- the game will keep the "options" choise highlighted when you go back to that menu

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don't like to spend too long making rooms so I try to work on them every time I work on the game

here's today's room, it's cozy

unrelated but I made it so that if you keep Lance moving for a few seconds, he gains 0.3 speed. It's small, but it'll help when you're just moving through an area

if you stop you'll lose the small boost, but if you spin, you'll immediately gain the boost

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Made a lot of improvements to Lance's health and magic display

Now, the magic displays at the top (and it has a little shine too) with the fish below

Also, if Lance has low health, the background of the whole thing flashes red :O

Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of Shield Cat, and I've written up a blog talking about how far the game's come as well as where it's going. Thank you guys for supporting me, and here's to more Shield Cat!


Howdy! This is the Mastodon page for the game Shield Cat! Please check it out by following this link, thanks💙:


Deleting Lance from Shield Cat, just thought you all would like to know

I'm gonna replace him with Lance 2

literally, they're all Metamagicia who are made of pure magic and dont really have a concept of gender so everyone just does whatever and loves whoever they like, it's pretty neat honestly

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