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Ok!!! The Shield Cat Patreon page has been updated. There's a lot of new gameplay info, a short video, and a link to the new Patreon Discord chat

Well, it's been fun, but now it's time for all good otters to go to sleep and dream about whenever the game is done zzz

I liked this sprite too much to let it go to waste, I had to do something with it

"So what's the point of all this?"
So I can get to the 3rd image pretty quickly and keep Lance on model at all times really easily

Been working on making a 3D model of Lance that I can render and then use for sprites

Spriting Lance in all these directions took about an hour. I can clean it up more, but I mainly just wanted to see if it'd work or not :O

This is Lance, the star of my game @shieldcat !! He can run in a single direction right now

With your support on Patreon, he'll soon be able to run in any direction

Will you help this good otter move in all directions?

*cowboy voice* How many lances do I gotta draw to get to the /real/ Lance?

So far? 8

So now we have Lance standing, running, and dashing!!

Now I gotta do this for 4 other directions 😅 at least I can mirror 3 to make all 8 👀

Here's Lance's south-west dashing animation!! this one is 8 frames

See what I got out of those two frames I rendered in Blender? It's really good when you have a reference to draw from

is this how all the cool indie devs are doing their sprites, with no borders on the pixel art?

if you take a peek off to the bottom right near the end of the video you can spy a bit of the other test room 👀

What's going on in there? I adjusted the room transition code to lock up Lance (and other stuff later) so it's a proper room transition

It was too disorientating with the camera moving while Lance was also movable

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Wait so you're telling me that you want to walk under and over the bridge and ALSO go inside the buildings? Well since you're all so nice, sure!

As promised, a bridge that you can walk over and then walk under and you can still see Lance

Also, I figured out exactly how to pass arguments to shaders, so that water shader I was trying the other day may come true after all :O

Cool hidden use of the camera clamp object I made

I can trick people into thinking I have a bunch of rooms, but actually its just one

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