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You ever try to take a casual walk with nice music but you keep getting attacked by large spheres? I hate it when that happens

So I could clean this up more but I'm sleepy. However, I wanted to do a little animation test between the new Lance model and the old one

I also felt like it'd be neat to have him run to some music, so I put some cheerful music from Spike McFang in the background!!!

I have 4 bad guys so far, soon enough I'll draw the other 3

will you and Lance be strong enough to fight them all?

Meet Claire, former Leader of the Shield Cat Knights, and self proclaimed new ruler of the kingdom. Tired of King Cat's lax way of ruling, she convinces him to go on vacation. Now, Lance has to fight her and her underlings!

Read more about her and others

Look everyone keeps asking me when Lance is gonna dab and I keep telling them that his neck is too long for it but they insist. So, Lance's dabbing on y'all like this

If you've got real eyes on here but not so much on my main account, I've been drawing icons for patrons who support me on Patreon, so I've been focused on that. Soon though it's gonna be all shield cat all the time, so be ready for that

I've just created this in response to a post someone mentioned me with, and now I present it to you guys in case you also get a post at you that you wish they'd delete

I'm looking for recommendations for gamedev-centric mastodon instances! I was thinking about but I'll take any kind of recommendation

Meet Olivia, a trouble making bird who calls herself Ollie!! She flies fast and will cause a lot of trouble for Lance I think

I posted a bit more info on Patreon

Hey guys, I know it seems like I probably just have this account to retweet my main account which is /kinda/ true? because I'm retweeting Shield Cat related stuff, but don't worry it'll get more use later!!!

Cooldown drawing of Lance, who all these icons are for. One day you'll be real, my little ott

I didn't realize people would have such varied opinions on Lance's health!!!

Based on everyone's feedback, I propose a meter for HP and MP that grows as they grow, with small numbers underneath and his currently equipped throwable on the right

1st Lance: Ah I have full health, nothing to worry about
2nd Lance: Having a chill time out here on my adventure
3rd Lance: My friend that HP is looking kinda low
4th Lance: I have accepted my fate, I'm gonna lose

So there will be a picture of Lance by his health meter but instead of looking more tired the lower his HP is, he just looks like this

Ok!!! The Shield Cat Patreon page has been updated. There's a lot of new gameplay info, a short video, and a link to the new Patreon Discord chat

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