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(video has sound) if you look closely, Lance's footprint is different in the dirt than it is in the grass, and he doesn't leave a footprint on the stone

This is also true when he spins

Finally, Shield Cat has its first real special effect

a background layer and tilemap layer drawn to a surface and then the surface drawing to the screen with some blur shader that I found

There we go, now it works

The cursor position represents where the camera would like to go, but it should never go out of bounds. Instead, it stops and keeps Lance in the center of the screen at all times, rather than showing an unexplorable area

each cursor is a sample point

you may remember that the camera did this before, but that was with object-based collision. Now I'm using a tilemap, which is a lot faster

This was pretty easy to draw but kinda tricky to actually get into the game. Once I set it up though, it was REALLY easy to make this test

I'm done working on the game today though

water is wet

the "underwater" layer is a separate animated tile that will have different faces depending on which way the water is flowing. Meanwhile, the upper tiles can be mirrored to change the water direction easily

now I gotta do more water stuff

Alright so it's all set up now, if you give me $5/m on Patreon then you can go to itch io and get a build of the game where Lance can run around but also you're being chased by giant red spheres

I'll add more later, but thats enough for today I think

Ok this is what I wanted to try though, the same area but with conventional colors

What do you think?

I completely solved the issue of Lance walking behind trees by putting all trees outside of the playable area so Lance literally cannot be obscured by them fully

Lance when I haven't programmed any enemies into the game yet:
"Gee, it sure is boring around here"

Concept art for Trent's Fire/Ice dungeon, where his magic can keep both in contact without the ice melting or the lava freezing - that is, unless he wants to mess with Lance! (which he does)

Closing out the evening with a drawing of none other than Lance himself, right in the middle of his Tubular Twister attack! Lance has a lot to do before he can save the kingdom, do you think he can do it?

Presenting Trent! I drew him before but now that I know his role better in Shield Cat I redesigned him more. Trent has a fancy dungeon made of fire and ice, which can sit together due to his powerful magic! He likes to show off, can Lance put up with it?

Might I present Parker, the newest Shield Cat character! They are a kangaroo who is the boss of the Train Dungeon!! (yes the game has a train dungeon and its gonna be cool)

me: I'll make characters with simple designs so kids can draw them

also me: the main character can rotate his whole body in such a way that his head and butt face the same direction when he's spinning

literally, they're all Metamagicia who are made of pure magic and dont really have a concept of gender so everyone just does whatever and loves whoever they like, it's pretty neat honestly

Lance is pan and so is everyone else in Shield Cat, thanks for listening

DLC for Shield Cat called "Cool Cat" where everything is as cool as King King Cat The Cat

Also our first look at Diego, Ruby, Parker, and of course, King Cat

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