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Here's the changes I've made to Shield Cat in a little over a week and a half (the sum of my days off)

You'll have to go to birdsite to see it though, as mastodon wont take the video, even as a 5MB webm

Gave Lance his sounds and effects back and made the following changes:
- his spin effect is now predictable and reliable, producing the same amount of clouds each time
- he has a sound for when he's backward skidding
- when you stop pressing the button, the spin sound will slow

Deleting Lance from Shield Cat, just thought you all would like to know

I'm gonna replace him with Lance 2

alright I fixed it!!!

the particles still disappear but I think there's nothing to do about it since you can't really modify particles after they're created (naturally)

This is the most basic of all basic menus but it's here and it's real

too bad the way it works I cant use my mouse on it, but I already have ideas for that lmao

anyways I was done with gamemaker for the night but this code popped into my head so I wrote it

What do we learn from Mario 64? That with enough speed, anything is possible

I think this is a good place to leave it today!

If you wanna try it out for yourself, please click here:

Lance has sounds when he steps now (dont consider these final lmao)

I'll figure out what to do for when he's spinning on different terrain another time

(video has sound) if you look closely, Lance's footprint is different in the dirt than it is in the grass, and he doesn't leave a footprint on the stone

This is also true when he spins

Finally, Shield Cat has its first real special effect

a background layer and tilemap layer drawn to a surface and then the surface drawing to the screen with some blur shader that I found

There we go, now it works

The cursor position represents where the camera would like to go, but it should never go out of bounds. Instead, it stops and keeps Lance in the center of the screen at all times, rather than showing an unexplorable area

each cursor is a sample point

you may remember that the camera did this before, but that was with object-based collision. Now I'm using a tilemap, which is a lot faster

This was pretty easy to draw but kinda tricky to actually get into the game. Once I set it up though, it was REALLY easy to make this test

I'm done working on the game today though

water is wet

the "underwater" layer is a separate animated tile that will have different faces depending on which way the water is flowing. Meanwhile, the upper tiles can be mirrored to change the water direction easily

now I gotta do more water stuff

Alright so it's all set up now, if you give me $5/m on Patreon then you can go to itch io and get a build of the game where Lance can run around but also you're being chased by giant red spheres

I'll add more later, but thats enough for today I think

Ok this is what I wanted to try though, the same area but with conventional colors

What do you think?

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