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Here's something nice to break up the scenery

may change the bridge stones to something else but hey, it's neat looking at least

It's picture day! The Shield Cat gang have all taken pictures and signed them! Which one is your favorite?

Now it's Trent and Ruby's turn to take a picture. What a couple of yeehaws 🤠

Now it's Olivia and Suzette's turn to take a picture

Stop Olivia, you're embarrassing her!!

here's a warmup doodle of Lance and Parker hanging out and taking a picture together!!

Lance Shield Cat currently spins when you press the Attack button, continually spins if you keep pressing it, and uses his ability if you hold the button

What if he was able to instantly use the ability (shield throw, air dash, etc) by using a second button?

So not only does the camera do the same thing while using way less processor now, it actually does MORE than it did before :O

First, I increased the range where you can walk around before it moves, so it should be easier to do platforming and whatnot

you know how some pokemon seem like they'd be bigger or smaller then they are? well anyways heres the shield cat cast on a height chart lmao

one day soon enough I'll draw ruby properly, also I used an old drawing of Lance because I didnt have one otherwise

While I was feeling fancy, I also redid the itch page for Shield Cat - It's a lot more consolidated now

Alright, I redid my Patreon page entirely, you guys should check it out! It's all sparkly and new...

Shield Cat says Trans Rights

what's funny is this part of the lore I came up with like 14 years ago, way before I realized I was trans, but I feel like it's appropriate

You think I'm gonna create a species of pure-magic peoples and not allow them to do this? think again

Anyways Metamagicia isn't a closed species, once I have the wiki in a presentable state, you can read about them and decide to create Metamagicia OCs if you want to

As long as you respect the lore, I have no problem with it

there we go, Lance can do his rapid spin until he runs out of magic. You can still do the regular spin for a bit of a boost, but you'll have to wait until you gain some magic back to do the really fast spin again

before I sign off, here's an example of a little "off to the side" area

there will be plenty of these, so keep an eye out for them!!

Here we go! A drawing of Lance and Parker hanging out and telling each other terrible jokes

It's been a while since I did a drawing so it feels good to get back into it! Expect more drawings soon..............

Patrons can get this in HD without the text:

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