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There we go, the camera switches from orthographic to draw the tree canopy, and then back to perspective again (at no performance cost) later on I can add some sun rays and give it some really good depth

Let's say you're casually walking around and you come across one of these, wyd

Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of Shield Cat, and I've written up a blog talking about how far the game's come as well as where it's going. Thank you guys for supporting me, and here's to more Shield Cat!

[music wip] Redoing Trent's fight theme so it's not so loud and I think I accidentally unlocked a chord shift I'm not supposed to know about

[music WIP] Sky Cat Airship Fleet's music is coming along pretty nicely. There's odd notes here and there and I gotta add some special effects, but I like how it's sounding so far

(This is for Olivia's dungeon which takes place in the sky)

Here's a brand new song for you, a song for when you fight Olivia

What do you think?

Fun fact about the Shield Cat character designs: I made them simple so kids can doodle them and you can still tell who it is

to demonstrate, here's some stick figures

Here's today's progress:
- Nice smooth collision, and no glitches around bushes
- They can still be destroyed though
- Roxy's in the game and you can talk to her
- a very basic implementation of the dialog box system

Here's a little summary of what I've done today:
- Made new bridge graphics for a neat little wooden bridge
- Added some audio and visual effects to the menu
- Waterfalls now have audio
- Bushes exist and can be destroyed (but they slow down Lance's spin)

alright it's in the game and I'm laughing really hard because I expected it to work like this but didn't know it'd look like this exactly, it's so funny

[Poll] Would you be interested in supporting Shield Cat by purchasing it through Steam Early Access? Would you want to wait until it's in the Alpha stage, or until the game comes out? Or, not at all?

The forest room now has grass and pretty little flowers πŸ’š

Unless you don't like grass and pretty little flowers, then you can use Lance's Tubular Twister to cut them all down, mwuhahahahahaha 😈

Here's something nice to break up the scenery

may change the bridge stones to something else but hey, it's neat looking at least

It's picture day! The Shield Cat gang have all taken pictures and signed them! Which one is your favorite?

Now it's Trent and Ruby's turn to take a picture. What a couple of yeehaws 🀠

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