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The Shield Cat characters everyone talks about

everyone knows and loves them I think

the shield cat character nobody talks about

who is he? what is his purpose?

There we go, the bumpers are fully implemented and polished

Now I can put them where they go

While we're on the subject of visual upgrades, Shield Cat now supports putting scanlines on. Here it is at 1080p at a low and high value (it may be difficult to tell in these pics, it looks a lot better in person)

Personally never liked scanlines, but the option is there now

Here we go, Shield Cat now has complete audio volume configuration

That awkward moment when you go into your house but there's no music written for it yet...

this is so cool though to just hear this song *in the game* as *part of the game* instead of having to overlay it by playing Renoise in the background (like I did before lmao)

Happy to announce that saving and loading your game in Shield Cat is fully implemented

The save spec is futureproof too, so theoretically anything you do even in this prototype *should* carry through to the final game. So, feel free to collect Pretty Petals and become rich

More interesting is the ability to control the blur quality wherever blur is used in the game. Here's an example of it on Roxy because she's very far from where Lance is on screen

Made this slick title screen for Shield Cat lmao

It has the patrons on it and everything! All I gotta do is make some slick chip music to go with it

significant work done on the menus today

all video options work, and now you can choose your save file to load *and* load it!

I wrote a post detailing the major stuff that I've added to Shield Cat in the past couple months! I didn't talk about everything in there, but it's got the big highlights

There we go, now you can see what LANCE letters you've collected hehe

I'll replace the sprites on the GUI with proper ones, but for now I just want to have the display working

While I was fixing Lance's shield to be
a) usable again
b) able to interact with all objects
I decided to make it a proper 3D object like I've been wanting to

Alright I wasn't gonna share this but it's too good not to share, everyone keeps making this reference at me and I wanted you guys to know that yes, it's in the game

The fruits of my afternoon of coding: Conditional dialogue (and also better dialogue in general, both visually and in the code)

I'll improve the visuals more later, but for now it works perfectly and I can continue working on other parts of the game that need this code

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