BE GAY PLAY VIDEO GAMES! Happy Pride Month, from your friendly trans lesbian indie game lover. Here's this week's Indie Games On Sale Recommendation Thread.

Sunblaze is a wonderful, fun, challenging, precision platformer. Nothing in this game is new, but it is all incredibly polished, near perfect. It also looks nice, has some silly dialog, and tons of accessibility options. Fantastic.

Nubarron: The Adventure of an Unlucky Gnome is a charming adventure platformer about a gnome cursed to be followed around by a moody cloud. The shifting moods of the cloud pose a variety of interesting challenges. A delightful and inventive game.

Smashing Spirits: Brazil's First Boxer is an intense, fast-paced, challenging action platformer. The graphics may be simple, but the gameplay is very good.

Etherborn is a strange and surreal 3D platformer. A unique game with neat gravity-shifting mechanics. Striking visuals, challenging gameplay.

Spinch is a challenging and visually stunning platformer. The graphics are wild and intense. Gameplay is mostly straightforward but very polished. Just incredible.

Apsulov: End of Gods is an incredible and terrifying adventure horror game based in Norse Mythology, but set in the near future. The sci-fi/fantasy story is gripping, and the atmosphere is almost perfect. Amazing, one of a kind game.

Dig Dog is a cute, simple, straightforward platformer roguelite. Just a fun, solid game. The developer made it without using his hands. Cheap!

Moon Raider is a nice, challenging pixel art action-platformer. Gameplay is solid; though it does have a few awkward quirks, but it's fun and it looks great.

The Count Lucanor is an incredible horror adventure where every choice matters. The gameplay goes in a variety of interesting directions (puzzles, exploration, stealth) and the horror is chilling. Be careful.

Clustertruck is a crazy and hard first-person platformer. Jumping from one out-of-control truck to another is thrilling and tough.

SpeedRunners is a frenetic and fun racing game. Sorta like Mario Kart on foot, you'll use items and traps to mess up your opponents and leave them in the dust. Chaotic and exciting multiplayer.

And that's it for today. But there will be more games I'll tell you about tomorrow.

Ultra Hat Dimension by Kitsune Games is quirky and strangely cute. Weird puzzles about fitting in and getting punched. A charming retro game.

Oh, and if you think that's cool, you NEED to check out (and wishlist!) Kitsune Games' two great upcoming games: Lore Finder and Kitsune Tails. Oh, and FYI: they're both REALLY QUEER!


The Wizard and The Slug is a quirky, and silly platformer with some really creative and fun gameplay mechanics. The story is fun, but also somewhat epic? Or something😉. Anyway, story good, gameplay good, get it.

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Mutazione is sooo good. An incredible adventure game that explores both the ordinary and the supernatural in an amazingly detailed world. Plus gardening! Fans of Kentucky Route Zero should give this a look.

Dadish is a simple and charming platformer. It's silly, straightforward, and fun. Not really hard, not very innovative, just a good game. The sequel (I haven't played) is also on sale.

A Robot Named Fight is a must for fans of Super Metroid. One of my favorite indie games ever. The variety of items and enemies is fantastic. Constantly surprising and consistently fun.

Rain on Your Parade is a delightfully silly game. Play a mischievous cloud and cause mayhem. Levels have a wonderful variety of different objectives and mechanics. More challenging than you might expect.

Fly Punch Boom is a ridiculous, cartoony, over-the-top Dragon Ball-esque flying fighting game. The unique gameplay is straightforward but very technical. And FAST. There are tense moments of survival, showy defeats, and more.

I'm normally not that interested in westerns, but Luckslinger grabbed me from the start. Stylish and fun and very unique. And that music! Incredible.

And keep an eye on Demon Turf, the upcoming game from Fabrazz. I mean it, this game has STYLE. And a lot of character. Gameplay feels really good, and everything looks so unique. You can play the free demo version, Demon Turf: Trials, now.

Spitlings is a wild, challenging, multiplayer arcade game. Somewhat inspired by Pang, but really unique, with limited ammo and lots of weird mechanics. Lots of levels and unlockables and options and more. Crazy fun.

Deleveled is a minimalist puzzle-platformer with no jump button. Instead you control two squares that bounce off each other. Tons of creative and challenging levels built around momentum, synchronization and DE-synchronization.

Mr. Shifty puts you in the role of a powerful, punching, teleporting superhero in fast, risky, challenging combat. You die in one hit so you have to be clever and careful. Kinda like Hotline Miami. Very fun.

The Swindle is a very hard (almost unfair) roguelite burglary/heist game. You're getting ready for the biggest, most important heist ever, but you'll have to start small, get money, buy skills, work your way up. Janky and tough, but pretty good.

Daggerhood is a solid, fun platformer. The teleporting dagger is a neat mechanic. Nothing groundbreaking, just a good game.

And that's it for today! I'll have more games to tell you about tomorrow.

Knytt Underground from Nifflas is a strange, moody, unique adventure platformer. Sometimes stark, kinda Metroid-esque. Great.

Ynglet, also from Nifflas, is weird and cool and fun and amazing. A platformer with no platforms, jumping from bubble to bubble. Strange and enigmatic yet evocative visuals. Dynamic difficulty and lots of extra accessibility options.

Lumini is a beautiful, relaxing flying adventure game where you control a swarm of pretty & delicate little alien bugs. You can split your swarm to solve puzzles, and each color of bug has a different ability. Enchanting.

Titan Attacks! is Space Invaders. No, seriously, it's just a clone. But a really good one with stylish graphics, upgrades, and other extras. Go for a high score. Very cheap right now.

The same developer made Ultratron, a battle arena twin-stick shooter with a similar style and the same kind of upgrade system. Again, very familiar, but very well done. Also very cheap right now.

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