Societies cannot be surgically operated. When you cut it open from one part, the entire body starts bleeding. There is no amputation for societies. Plus no state can establish peace by violating the social contract for 20% of its population.

The shock waves of this step have the potential to destabilise the country. It may appear audacious, but this government is digging his own grave.

Being indifferent is no longer an option.

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The list isn't exhaustive but it is what it is.

There's no way a population of 200 Million can be killed. As much as Savarkar fetishized Germany, that extermination is practically impossible. There are some limits to the idea of Hindu rashtra, fortunately.

But what CAB is going to do is to alienate that 200 million. Strip away their sense of belonging to this country and rupture the social fabric upon which this country was built upon.

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2. Victimisation for majoritarian appeasement through laws like triple talaq bill
3. Public calls for and rape threats for Muslim women by elected lawmakers
4. Collusion of the state in cases of localised communal riotings
5. Systematic attacks on Muslim identity and history
6. Blockade of
7. Disregard of the criminality of demolition
8. Threats of denationalization through
9. Massive and campaign to spread islamophobia

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There's no point engaging with anyway. If Mota bhai gave them shit wrapped in paan they'd still eat it arguing there's no scientific study which conclusively proves eating shit is bad for health.

But the politically ignorant and indifferent population, that's the one who needs to be confronted.

Since 2014, Indian have witnessed the following:

1. Mob on suspicions of eating beef or transporting cattle

The scope of Mr. ’s ad buy is staggering. It is more than all of Mr. Bloomberg’s potential rivals — other than the other billionaire running, Tom Steyer — have spent on television ads all year, and about double what Senator Cory Booker had raised in donations from February through the end of September.

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The 60-second biographical commercials will begin on Monday in more than two dozen states and roughly 100 news media markets from California to Maine, a preview of a 2020 campaign budget that could easily stretch into the nine-figure range.

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How to hack 101. He has already entered the presidential race. continues to screw the layman over and over.


Michael R. Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor of New York City, spent at least $30 million on Friday for a single week of television ads, a show of financial force that signals his willingness to use his vast personal fortune to reshape the Democratic presidential race.

says in the Qur'an in Surah Al Ma'arij about the weaknesses in the nature of human beings and how they can be overcome with spiritual strength sought through As Salah (the )

Can someone recommend a good website for and ?

Needs to have English subtitles

This is a good illustration of a fundamental aspect of Sangh politics: that it appeals to violent, base, crude elements of human nature: revenge, fear, hatred, bloodlust, etc. I am amazed that the likes of ever saw 'hope' and 'sunny optimism'. Willing blindness.
"Balatkar ke badle balatkar" - A statement supporting rape from Retd Maj General SP Sinha, a BJP member. Not surprising, coming…

@KayKap @stux here’s the one for
I just signed up to donate on a monthly basis.


Phir Uthi Akhir Sada Touheed Ki Punjab Se
Hind Ko Ek Mard-e-Kamil Ne Jagaya Khawab Se

Again from the the call of monotheism arose:
A perfect man roused from slumber.

So toxic Twitter has locked @ppurva's account for exposing fascists via profile pic and header. . Thank god we got its alternative as .

One more case of Mob Lynching, Katihar, Bihar.

Jamal was resident of Hajipur, he used to carry cattle, He was brutally beaten up by Cow Terrorists near Hajipur.

He couldn't survive and died.

For those considering joining Mastodon and don't know what it is, here is a handy little article I wrote a few months back.

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Justice Asok Kumar Ganguly, a retired Supreme Court judge, on Saturday said the Ayodhya judgment had created a doubt in his mind and that he was “very disturbed”.

"As a student of the Constitution, it is a little difficult for me to accept it," he says

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Are you doing design work in a FOSS project?

Our devroom Call For Proposals is open for 2020.

If you have an idea for a talk, but have questions, please let us know.

Google has finally released the ‘incognito mode’ on Google Maps, making sure people can move around to a specific location without letting Google or its partner advertisers know about it.

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