Recently made the Steam page live for Don't Forget Our Esports Dream so that the algorithm may be fed with wishlists.

It's a game about being a StarCraft pro, and I've been recently working on cleaning up the visual effects.

Elon Musk, weed 

@Gargron amazing content warning

[ ] Yikes
[ ] Very Yikes
[ ] Hyper Yikes Drifter
[ ] IFC Yikes
[ ] The Killers - Mr. Yikeside
[x] Yikes is short for Yichael

@matilde this is an incredible looking webpage - looking forward to it!

Last stretch of making this game and finally a lot of things are coming together. Don't Forget Our Esports Dream is a game about living the professional esports life as a StarCraft player.

Some rough suggestions:
480p at 1800-2200 kbps and 30fps
720p at 2500-3500 kbps and 30fps

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If you're working on a game, try recording gameplay footage at a low quality to see how it looks. Just did this and realized a certain visual effect would look terrible on stream, so I redid it.

@lmichet this is excellent news and also fills me with an enormous amount of regret for not seeing it yet

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@kiimu it's a great feeling to witness someone go from 0 to 100% weeb

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Listening to Welcome to the Black Parade and simultaneously writing the end of an opening paragraph when the song intro ends is hype af

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