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Aria Bell @shinesurge

sorry for bein whiny and negative here's a little bread i made in blender

There are also people defending tap, which is fascinating at this point. I thought maybe they were just horrifically unprofessional and made a misstep at first but more shady shit keeps coming up, I honestly don't see why any sensible person would trust them now

"where can we post for free then :((" comments a concerned person who is perpetually "planning on starting a comic" on a free blogging platform with a built-in audience

Oh my god the tapastic bullshit has reached tumblr and i don't know if i can deal

@mkinyon on mastodon and also everywhere else

I don't even care about being pedantic or anything I'm just real tired of those words in the summary of every single fantasy story in existence

can we please quit describing literally everything as an Epic Saga please

had three years and drew a billion sketches and not one of them is consistent lay me to rest

the robot's gonna be here soon and 90% of my sketching is just shitty abandoned robot back or How Do I Even Draw Her Dumb Face

cut corners where you can afford it be "lazy" listen there isn't lazy in a comic because comics are the worst medium actually. done is better than perfect and it's never worth hurting yourself

every time i say "good enough" or cut a corner in a comic page i lowkey obsess over better artists judging me but also like. i want to be physically able to finish this comic you feel me

i want to eat all the semple paint pigments

@mkinyon hahaaa i totally thought i'd brought it up my original post must have sounded random as hell. YE THO i am very familiar with end of the semester fatigue take a nap dude

@mkinyon oh he's a professor! he teaches a bunch of theory classes and directs all the ensembles. the end of the semester is exhausting haha

@mkinyon lee is totally dead rn this is his first day off and he's become one with the couch

I was delaying it because i'm a bitch but it's really not bad, if you can deal with a sunburn you can handle a tattoo probably. i was super into it i want another already haha

it's a little patchy since it's still healing but i got a tattoo yesterday! my sister and I finally did it after planning on getting them since mom died two years ago and we're both real glad we did