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Aria Bell

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I make comics about a bunch of ambitious people on a trip to catch the sun! Whatever that means.


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i took a bunch of Angstβ„’ prompts on the discord and I'm having a lot of fun with them, I'll post em here in batches

HERE IS: Phineas with glitterblood, Agatha with acid tears, and a possessed Crow Gideon. Possibly in that order, depending on how Mastodon is feeling

I WISH the pan colors were prettier lmao all the other flags are all nice and aesthetically pleasing then pan is like JUST DUMP PRIMARY COLORS TOGETHER WHATEVER

i apparently held a tiny drunken q&a in the discord last night and i don't remember this but i stand by it

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sometimes I forget mastodon exists, here's an aquarium I did for colour practice

goddd finally someone isn't sitting on the stool im using for a tiny table lmao

@DirkGrundy HEY I REALLY LIKE THE DIALOGUE ON THIS PAGE πŸŽ‰ the finished/ready thing was a really nice touch

carpenter brut's mean dirty sound did a lot to help me kinda solidify her aesthetic, it's like. madmax vaporwave or something and i like it a lot

Carpenter Brut released new tracks a couple weeks ago and I'm taking me finding it during Agatha's Cool Anime Bullshit as encouragement from the universe

.@Beemancer linked me this song and it's really good but the longer i look at this album cover the funnier it gets

i like this so far tho i might make it a miniprint or something if it cleans up ok. i DO need a summer postcard still hmm

the entire right side of this board is one character go d

i put together a couple fan themes for other comics before but it's haaaard to do it for myseeelf im too precious about it lol

i've been fucking around in fl studio trying to make kc music for a couple years but i'm Bad At It so i don't have a lot to show for it, but it's been fun trying to figure out abstract musical motifs for the different characters. Agatha always has a heartbeat pattern in her percussion and i keep thinking wow this will be a Cool Thing for people to pick out in ten years when this is done

by done i of course mean Future Aria finding this unfinished mess and sharing it for laughs

gets forearm jabbed with a needle 5000 times "shit A Mystery Pain my time has come my art days are over"