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Aria Bell @shinesurge

My good friend @KyleLab just released a video game flavored charity zine for clean water!! It's pay what you want and there's a lot of REALLY COOL stuff in here you oughta check it out

@tmj i'm glad to hear it!!

I GUESS i should actually link to said comic once in a while. this update is pretty ridiculous out of context, but there's a big giant archive of pages for you to get into that would probably help with that!

i'm so excited about comics

I posted a four page update today and I think that's the last big complicated sequence for this arc thank u god and also jesus

@Amaare jeez that's a lot of work haha. I'm not sure what format would be needed either, I'd hate for you to do a ton of work then not be able to use it alkjsdf. I really appreciate it though!!

@Amaare i'm fixing a ton of site shit between arcs so i'll defo see about getting this set up. might take a while to get the backlog of pages done tho haha

@Amaare i WOULD like for the comic to be more accessible hm

i wonder if there's like a Read More function on wordpress?? that would be ideal i should look into that

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@shinesurge fun fact this is actually how the universal translator tech works in star trek

@Amaare I've actually been thinking about going back and setting up text transcripts for all the pages, there's a space for it in wordpress. It would be real useful to be able to search through pages like that haha

I'm not sure how to integrate it into the site itself like what you're saying though, I guess I could type it up in a comment after I post a page? I really like the idea I just figure it might look kinda clunky having a big block of text under every page hm

it's fine the language of cute gay lady smooches transcends borders

I got a buuunch of japanese followers from a pixiv instance after the last few pictures I posted and I'm GLAD Y'ALL ARE HERE but wow I never thought about how useless my comic is if you don't speak english hhhaha

good afternoon here's a soft zubat from last year

mods are asleep post cat pics

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A way better boy

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additionally: a VERY old and only technically nsfw bun. I keep meaning to redraw this I still like it a lot

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hhh i can't remember if i've already posted these but here are some cute girlfriends for your wednesday evening