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I make comics about a bunch of ambitious people on a trip to catch the sun! Whatever that means.

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if you put The White Stripes and The Black Keys together you get a whole piano

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If your dad sucks: i will kick his head clean off, i will beat the brakes off your dad, i will teach him the meaning of respect

If your dad is good: can he be my dad come on dude you have so much dad just give me some please

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dad: son!
son: what?
dad: so much on computers. quit them.
son: no
dad: go outside, kick a soccer
son: my friends are in computers
dad: kick a soccer or the family will divorce
son: i hate all dads

whines in pansexual 

whines in pansexual 

i realized it's gotten to the point that if i see someone using her anywhere in their online presence i get apprehensive and that fuckin sucks lmao

im about sick of seeing haruka tenoh used as an icon by terfs can yall quit ruining womens' media

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Consider the profound failure of Operation Enduring Bullshit, libtards

almost like you need to take breaks sometimes what the fuck

i got way back into minecraft last week and it's crazy how much more energy i have for drawing after sitting on my ass and goofing off for a few days

Anyway once more with feeling: if you're interested in getting postcards and stickers/other stuff from the crew periodically you can do that by pledging any amount either through patreon or paypal! There's a gallery and more info on the other side of this handy link:

they've moved and the new people in the house are absolutely bewildered at this weird anime mail they get twice a year

there are people i send postcards to who i haven't heard from in any capacity in like two years, since i started doing them and asked for their addresses. uhhh hope y'all are enjoying them lmao

if they cut up my comics and invented new taglines like that tho i'd 100% take my toys elsewhere this is embarrassing

seriously though i've read a few of these comics before and it. really really makes them look unfairly stupid. it's straight up dragging them down to like engrish tabloid level

idk tho a shitload of people read webtoons and APPARENTLY all those readers want is romance so maybe they're just better at marketing than i am. if your audience is lovesick tweens i suppose that's the best way to advertise

one of those things where they edit movie trailers to look like different genres except it makes kc look like a romantic comedy about phineas as ulrich's manic pixie dream girl and agatha is the evil jealous rival and however will phineas CHOOSE

tumblr keeps feeding me webtoons ads where they've chopped up panels from their comics and made them look like Romances regardless of the actual content and hoo man i would be LIVID

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