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@Amaare i dunno! Generally if you order something here you don't get to choose who delivers it, the seller does hhhhh

Apparently they DO have a thing where you can actually reschedule missed deliveries or have them send text updates but they charge you money :))) are you serious

fedex missed us yesterday with my VERY EXPENSIVE DELIVERY so all day ive just been waiting for them to show up at literally any time between 8am and 8pm i can't believe we dont have a better system for this shit STILL

@DirkGrundy yeeah figuring out all the code was probably the most straight-up frustrating thing I've ever done haha. It's held together with paperclips and rubber bands but they're MY rubber bands dammit

Keeping up my own website is a ton of extra work but I fuckin love this shit. I'm a control freak about kc and that includes where it lives; even if i'm not the best designer or coder it feels so good to be able to do exactly what I want with this space

After three solid days of drawlin I finally finished updating all the art on my website
α•™(⇀‸↼•)α•— just lacking an updated intro comic and a couple cast cards now

oh well listen if the guy can't handle a little sci-fi filth we wouldn't make good friends anyway tbh

I met an ooold friend yesterday and gave him a business card saying we should catch up on twitter, then i forgot and posted this when i made a new smut account several hours later

An old friend who turned into a Full Time Mommy is having a third kid but all she does is complain about being stressed and miserable about the first two.

"but it's all worth it in the end :)" you sure my dude???

@DirkGrundy a good friend of mine draws a real cutesy all-ages comic but also loves drawing smut and she's SO nervous about keeping them separate because she's worried about hurting her rep. like I understand but also Why Is It Like This

The last page of my comic's first arc went up today! You can binge an entire story at once now if you've a mind to

anyway please destroy my body

i got food poisoning with two pages left in this arc lmao

i get to draw two robots on this page i am so blessed

added to the pile of things i only colored so i could give ulrich a black eye

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leave me alone, product dudes!! mentally gearing up to deal with fuckin tech support is like a three hour ritual for me do not spring this on me over a random tweet