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I make comics about a bunch of ambitious people on a trip to catch the sun! Whatever that means.

it should probably sound weird to be like "i feel like this work gets me" at my own stuff but that isn't always the case; most of the time i think i fuck it up, or read it at a time i feel too disconnected from it. it's odd to read my own writing like it's something i Needed To Read. maybe it just feels good to see that i said these things somewhere even if they're not directed at anyone

i reread wretched analog today and the bit with agatha's monster soul wailing for somebody to hold it really got to me. "i've been listening to this thing cry my whole life" sorry u inherited all this shit honey

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too garbage to cook lately so i just got a bunch of canned fruit and vegetables when we went shopping this week. i haven't been able to lift for a couple weeks but i can at least not go back to microwave burritos in the meantime

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gender reveal party. i open the airlock and we are all sucked out into the vacuum of space. you don't even remember being on a rocket in the first place

I don't usually draw characters who are far off in the comic because it makes me EXCITED then IMMEDIATELY SAD so it's been a little bit since I did anything with him. somedayyyy

Discord's been talking about Reuben a lot so heeere he is

i kinda felt that with agatha and i still feel like i cheated to get to the new person coming in soon. on the plus side, this hangup makes getting to do basically anything a lot more intense haha

i get nervous about how murky my kc plans get after the crew is assembled but i'm also still low key convinced i'll die before then so it's like if i make it that far at all i'll be doin real good

i was waiting to do that 09-19 meme until i'd filmed the patreon stuff because i figured i'd get at least one good picture from it and I Was Right

god mastodon is so good the cw's make me feel so much better when i need to vent. it's nice to use social media like a human being. thank u for ur patience comics are on the way Promise

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the songs aren't too bad tho i would have kept me around longer

a couple years ago i wrote two songs for two friends' webcomics and both of them bailed on me hard not long after and they come up in my library sometimes and i go hm that whole period sure was a waste of emotion lmao

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god i hope i can cobble together a single minute of decent video from all this crap lmao

i did it i got footage for a new patreon video

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