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I make comics about a bunch of ambitious people on a trip to catch the sun! Whatever that means.


anamanaguchi is one of those bands I forget about for months at a time then it's all i listen to for like three days

oh man i forgot how much i like this video

(some p bad flashing lights about two and a half minutes in)

y'all ever just think about how good glass animals is tho

man i dunno what happened but i suddenly care a lot more about villagers and such than i did the first few times i was into this game. i've gotten more sentimental or some bullshit uuuugh

For some reason I registered Kidd as a different gender than they're listed when I first saw them in pocket camp and now they're in my acnl town and I care way too much about this stupid digital goat. They're still in their gay lil waistcoat and asking about girls moving into town and I've decided they're dating Muffy and Olivia My City Now

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the wise man once said, WE ALL DEAD FUCK IT

i used up all my page buffer getting ready for the convention but people are drawing CUTE SMOOCHES and i wanna do them toooo they just take so dang long

most of them are mine BUT i'm amassing a tidy pile of fic from other people and i'm just beside myself about it eeee. I love love when people write with my characters but people are also making their own oc's and it's cool as fuck that other people think the world is fun enough to play around in

WAH I GOT MORE KC FANFICTION the ao3 tag is almost up to thirty fics hot damn

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so brave of sesame street to smash the notion of their characters having rich inner lives by showing the puppeteers stand up at the end of each episode, announce "THIS WAS ALL A FICTION, THEY FEEL NOTHING" and then tear the heads off their own muppets with their teeth

"what if i dont WANT red one day," i say, sweeping away the remnants of my busted wristband and easily plucking out the bit from the wreckage. "it's such a big commitment"

me, a dumbass scrolling through color options for a completely interchangable fitbit strap: u better make a good choice fucko because you're stuck with this until it breaks

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