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I make comics about a bunch of ambitious people on a trip to catch the sun! Whatever that means.


i've only been here to see my partner conduct since i graduated almost four years ago but being on campus still instantly makes me anxious πŸŽ‰

hello from the fine arts center womens' bathroom

it's probably just my brain being dumb but now it's too confusing trying to figure out which pages i havent read yet. im gonna reread the latest chapter and just ignore patreon posts from now on i think

Confession: i finally happen to be dollar-subscribed to a patreon that lets me get early updates and i. don't care for this actually

I made a new twc banner because it's been a minute and agatha looks like the villain lmao

well almost done being drawn, then i get to spend like two days printing them. they should actually go out right as december starts this year though!

the Respite postcards are almost done they're gonna look so cute this year aaaa

when im a new pizza only available for a limited time

it's just getting harder to get your foot in the door as an online artist and it shouldn't be that way and i'm so eternally pissed lmao

I worry enough when wordpress updates itself and destroys my css, or about being hacked. but at least I don't have to think about waking up one day to my comic being suspended because somebody reported me or my content suddenly Isn't Allowed, or they changed the code and broke everything, or they straight up removed me from search indexes, or any number of other completely avoidable problems

when i used to spew webcomic advice like a dumbass i always tried to throw in that a tumblr site is Acceptable if you can't jump through the hoops for your own site, mostly because I didn't want to put anybody down and it IS currently the best free option. But god after the last couple years of social media sites suddenly destroying themselves I can't imagine how stressful it must be to trust tumblr with your baby

Mastodon is a delta that catches people from the wreckage of other sites.

Incredible how simple routine events occur simply and routinely and I don't, in fact, Die,

We had to have maintenance come by to fix the sink today and I've been dreading it for days, but. The guy came in and fixed the sink and left and it was fine. why do i do this to myself lol

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reasons to get buff that dont have to do with fatphobia:
* punch better
* rage against the machine
* lift pretty girl
* flexies
* arm wrestle good
* lift TWO pretty girl!?

"what should this character wear" fuck i dunno just put on some side clasps and boot buckles

the coach trainers look like somebody transplanted kc characters into the new pokemon lmao

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Mastodon is like the internet if the internet was run by people who thought the internet was a mistake

love when three square inches of art takes longer to finish than the entire rest of the page

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