I've drawn eight pages in seven days, which is cool to know I can do but I don't plan to make a habit of because hhhhh


working to your limit isn't endlessly sustainable and I've only been able to keep up the pace this long because I've been careful to get enough sleep and stick strictly to my break timers, annnd my partner happens to also be in crunch mode this month so my outside obligations have been managable.

it's cool i've been able to get stuff done that i need to but webcomics glorifies overworking too much; this fucking sucks and i would have burnt out ages ago if i did this all the time lmao

my professional comic advice is take breaks eat food and get some FUCKING sleep

tbh getting into lifting has been good for deterring backsliding into old habits because I have a much better understanding of how necessary rest and nutrition are for things like, u know, repairing all the little moving parts in your arm that you tear up all day to make art. your body probably has the potential to see you through all the pages you need it to but it sure as hell won't if you're only getting four hours of sleep every night. you gotta take care of your tools

anyway i just thought i would take this opportunity 2 remind everyone exactly where i stand on Workaholic Culture it's stupid and harmful and don't listen to anybody who tells you otherwise

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