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Aria Bell

i did trade a cast member for this nondescript flying man today, i don't recognize him but i appreciate his Ambition

Here's the printed cards! The post detailing how to get one ran long, gimme a sec

Kidd Commander has a real holiday card, fiiiinally!

KC's universe doesn't have Christmas, but they DO celebrate Respite, which is a period of a few days where everyone celebrates having stayed the hell alive to see the end of another calendar year. You party hard for the first several days, then on the last day you eat a lot and rest up for the new year.

so, a restful Respite to u <3

lol a mug design is 100% not gonna show up on the printed thing but here it is for Posterity

also a sleepy phin because.

I renewed KC's post office box today and realized something delightful

Kidd Commander villagers! The animal crossing style is a far cry from my own but I did my best to make them cute.

Most holidays on Twitter I offer to be your family if your family sucks, so now I'll do it on Mastodon! if ur family sucks i'm ur family now and i love you

this year you also have a robot dad rooting for u courtesy of @Beemancer

I've been doodling little uncomfy Ulrichs the last two days, I need to practice making him emote without hiding behind his various security blankets

Nintendo: spend 500 bells to craft some furniture!

Me: immediately spends 4800 on shades