hi hello im bi and visible and unfortunately so is this bathroom

im told it's bi visibility day so here's a reminder bi is the default in my ridiculous comic and also my protagonist is just, aggressively pan,

gentle reminder not to be harsh with yourself about what size you wear because the rules are made up and the points dont matter

weh yall seemed to like this so here's the whole thing i guess! my planner spreads aren't real cute but they work

i'm using clip studio so all the actual book layout work is being done digitally, this is just a fancy checklist more than anything

i set up a progress sheet in my planner for the print comic and it's kind of neat seeing my page layouts next to each other all abstracted, i've never bothered to do this before

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what's up i'm gonna post bits from the print comic i'm working on because i'm Excited i'll try not to spoil anything

this looks real busy in black and white but i really like this frustrated noon i drew

come 2 my table in the next eight fucking hours if you want to kick my ass

hell yeah my favorite band Ballstistics Bards

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