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Aria Bell

22/32 panels inked, color isn't even started yet, update scheduled for wednesday

i fiiiiinally got this set of markers done for my dnd group! we realized my buttonmaker is sized really well for the grid we use and i'm REALLY REALLY BAD at keeping everyones' positions in mind, even with other kinds of markers, so i made these with clearly distinct bg colors and figures on them haha

i very briefly considered ulrich in the context of bayonetta and it reminded me of the sketch of him in symmetra's outfit i never finished so heeere y'all go

I realized I have lots of art of Phin hanging off the other two people on her crew but none of her and Noon, which is a travesty, so here is a captain and her ship to complete the set

Update!! ยฐห–โœงโ—( โ—‹ ใƒฎ โ—‹ )โ—œโœงห–ยฐ