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this is Aging already but I haven't been posting much art lately so here's a poster a friend commissioned for his DND band a while back!

the white streak is getting more pronounced, i'm real into it but i'm making a post because in a few months the timing of this is going to look bizarre

And here's this year's art by itself! have a restful respite hehe

KC’s universe doesn’t have Christmas but they DO have Respite, which is a period where everyone celebrates having stayed the hell alive to see the end of another calendar year. You party hard for the first several days, then on the last day you eat a lot and rest up so you're at MAXIMUM STRENGTH for the new year.

I send out Respite cards to patrons each December! Here's this year's, with the extra prayer card I sent instead of a sticker, and last year's!

i was Feelin It so here are some fluffy pirates i did up real quick

genuinely cant decipher how i feel about this drinkware

mogo was determined to sit Right There so he helped with pushups

pls don't make fun of my shitty form I'm Aware lmao

there was also this, which is one of the nicest things anyone's said about my work tbh

@ comic friends still using tumblr

i dunno when this will go into effect but i know most of you use custom themes for comics so!! i don't know here's some warning i guess!!

Oh speaking of Stronk my ability score pin from the kickstarter got in finally!! i love it aaaa


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