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Aria Bell

@Prawnlegs im so excited 2 live Home Improvement Dreams vicariously through ur posts


wheeze artists should take all the breaks they need to but pls let me know....if ur coming back.........don't leave me waiting in this empty house........

i can see one public sketch on their patreon dated june 14, which is much better than december but it's not comic related. what is happen pls

i found a comic artist i REALLY like but it looks like they suddenly stopped updating in december with no announcement or anything. they only have two patrons which is a CRIME but.....are u still there friend........

ulrich's hair isn't technically long enough for ponytails but listen death is coming and i want to see my boy with cute hairstyles

thinkin about ulrich with a different ponytail

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@lyon same i've been slacking on the water drinking and it's been Migraine City this week

weird how ur body feels better if you take care of it what the fuck

after fifty years i learned there's a longer version of this but it's not as fun as the stupid ddr mix lmao

anyway i unironically love ddr music fuckin fight me

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Oh hey the steam summer sale just started so you can actually pick up Wolf Gang 50% off right now! What good timing


also fun fact: the whole mile high engage arc weighs 21 ounces

α••( ᐛ )α•—

i meant to mark that as followers only but this is hardly a secret who gives a shit. read my dang comic

supplementary joke: kc is a fucking roadmap of my stupid kinks, somehow feet isn't one of them

my protag doesn't wear shoes and we're like 550 pages in but damn if i know how to draw feet

i can't remember if i posted this here already but it's still good Anyway