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i don't remember who wanted it, but those ability score pins are up in the artist's shop now!

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Tumblr's new "adult content" filter is so bad at its job, it flagged Tumblr's own examples of acceptable nudity

it's a lil slow rn because updates have been slow but that's where most of the community hangs out! also we play a lot of mtga we're very excited about rakdos next month

Every time somebody asks about it I am compelled to remind yall that kc has its own discord server and u can join it if you want toooo

something got said that prompted me to go through the pins in kc's on topic channel and they're still v good

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please stop praying for isabelle, she's getting too strong

@KittyUnpretty yeah i fully expected it not to function, tumblr does not inspire confidence

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@KittyUnpretty i kept trying the built in tool and forgetting about it until the links expired, which i didn't have much faith in to begin with lol. I wasn't trying too terribly hard, even if i got everything off the inspiration blog it would have probably ended up being a folder with 4000 pics i'd never sort through haha. my punishment for relying on someone else to hold all my stuff

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lmao i tried to back up my tumblrs several times over the last couple weeks and didn't manage it for any of them, so whatever i guess

i dug back through my old art last year to get stuff for the sketchbook i wanna put out eventually so i'm not terribly worried about losing anything actually valuable. would have liked to grab the inspiration blog before they sanitize it though oh well

it looks edgy but it's based on my dnd character which negates any potential coolness

i made a patch for my vest! it's sloppy because i havent done this a minute but it sorta fits so i might just leave it like it is

@CBWebb after a few years out of school and also writing and reading a lot more Trash i'm of the opinion that this rule should be squishier than it is hehe

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