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also i met a barista who looked exactly like kate mckinnon and i couldn't speak to her because i'm a dumbass this REALLY IS the most magical place on earth

i did trade a cast member for this nondescript flying man today, i don't recognize him but i appreciate his Ambition

there's a really good new captain hook pin out rn too and i've got three days to track it down

I'm in Disneyworld and I'm very excited to be here but also all the art and cartoons is making me very excited about my comic it is A Lot

also MAN i want kc pins. i can't DEAL

OH YEAH UH WE'RE IN DISNEY WORLD THIS WEEK i cannot promise i won't flood this account with vacation crap I Am Sorr

I'm stupid excited tho we planned and started paying this off like a year ago and now it's happening aaaa. also mine and lee's first Real Adult Vacation together which is Neat

love to write about the characters readers Love, Phineas, Ulrich, Agatha, Lucky Noon, and *extremely vague, nonspoilery description*. it's like writing around ghosts in the room hahaaa

BUT these are just for fun anyway, nobody's paying for em so who cares

it's cool that I'm getting enough canon established that I CAN write longer more in-depth side stuff, but it's still a little frustrating that the full cast isn't here yet just because it means i have to gloss over stuff that could make the writing better

I started a tiny piece of kc prose on a whim and it's spiraling out into a multichapter side story whoops

Our favorite waffle house has been more and more Aggressively Christmas every time we've come in this month it's very good. The staff is ugly carolling tonight lmao


@braverun they were about twelve dollars for ten of them! I'm thinking in terms of my online shop, if i charge two dollars shipping it would cover the cost of the envelope AND the postage for shipping stickers and miniprints and such internationally. which is really attractive haha. i'm exciteddd New Merch Possibilities aaa

@braverun RIGHT i had seen all these things online like "oh u have to combine these stamps to figure out the exact amount for each country" but NOPE they just handed me a book of these fancy ones and you use them like regular forever stamps. AMAZING

also i had no idea you could just buy global forever stamps holy shiiit that makes my life easier

All the postcards on my list have been sent out! You can still get one if you like but it might run a lil bit late

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What I wanna know is: can I return the stomach-baby's thumbs up. Is there a "give internal infant kudos" button. Where can I hit the like button for the stomach baby.

This is about Death Stranding

dat Death Stranding trailer tho just fuck me up kojima im ready

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if I didn't drop everything and do this immediately, I was gonna forget what fun is