hi hello i'm here to report it's approximately day 2,500 since graduation and not once among any of those have i ever missed being in high school Thanks

@FimbulFlower lmfao yeah they film the entire series then put a filter overtop to give everyone anime eyes

why do we keep insisting on live action adaptations anyway, like that's the ultimate end goal for everything. cartoon designs don't work irl more often than not, how am i supposed to take an angry bald twelve year old windmilling his arms seriously

"but aria you're excited about the live action one piece you filthy fucking hypocrite" have you seen the op anime tho it's ugly as fuck and the pacing is shit. avatar is gorgeous it doesn't need more help

"avatar is getting a live action series" thank god we can finally experience a wonderful story we've already heard but this time without a pesky charming art style getting in the way

@metagrrrl HI i'm more awake now and can actually form a reply haha

this would be much better!! My real issue with algorithmic shit is there's usually no way to opt out, even in the article I read twitter admitted the setting that supposedly switched it off didn't actually work. It's often harmful for small creators and makes it more difficult for me to keep up with friends and stuff so it drives me nuts, but I can see why others might want it and they should be able to curate their feed too!

what's up i'm gonna post bits from the print comic i'm working on because i'm Excited i'll try not to spoil anything

this looks real busy in black and white but i really like this frustrated noon i drew


@Prawnlegs hahaaa i think so too tbh this is why i didn't pledge for so long pfff. I MEAN IM TOTALLY DOWN IF U ARE i dont mind just trading you postcards and such so i can look at your cute sketches if there's an easy way for you to do that :O

@lyon it's been too long, the knowledge of the old ways is lost to time....

god i'm still so weirdly upset about this lmao. this whole "you want to create some feeling of scarcity owning your merch should feel like an exclusive club uwu" wow cool so i can make others feel bad the way i feel bad when they do comicon exclusives or only make 200 of some stupid plastic thing that gets bought up by scalpers in 5 minutes. i produce my own stuff there's no reason there can't be enough for everybody. by 2020 every person in america will receive a lucky noon button in the mail

fuck off i'm not gonna undersell myself but i'm absolutely going to try and keep things affordable when i can because the whole point of making webcomics is accessibility. not everybody can drop thirty bucks on books if somebody is into my comic and it would make them happy to have some merch i want them to have the option of some dollar postcards or buttons or whatever. fuck a ~cheap reputation~ who is that even for

i was reading up on artist alley pricing last week and a lot of it was like "you should always be charging more when you can, you don't want people associating your work with cheapness" and i wish that idea had a physical form so i could chaos dunk it directly into the trash

"we'll be testing the chronological timeline feature in the coming months" incredible

lmfao birdsite finally decided to let its users go back to a chronological timeline because a post went viral with instructions on how to filter out all the algorithm shit. people have been wanting this for ages but i guess this fix must pose some kind of risk to them so suddenly they care about users trying to comprehend their service

@yeshomo hehe yeah definitely. we have some old silver-type stuff we're using to figure it out but we're gonna look into what would be best for the most people, i know some folks have metal allergies and i'd like 2 not poison anybody lol


additionally: years are added to my life when readers think i'm setting up for a poly relationship between all of phin's crew

A reader told me a while ago my normal prose sometimes feels like smut anyway because of how intimately the characters are handled and it was one of the nicest things anyone's ever said about my writing hee

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