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Aria Bell

Oh yeah this batch includes page 500!! i've officially drawn An Assload of comic pages

jesus CHRIST how have i survived 24 years on this earth

i. i've been complaining about a lack of text manipulation tools in clip studio, but it just occured to me that i can. apply layer transformations to rasterized text layers

i have been using this program every day for over three years ._.

someone on tumblr (correctly) assessed kingdom hearts as the homestuck of video games and since then i have not known peace

@DirkGrundy hnnnn then you have to take five minutes for half the table to recollect themselves god DAMN IT yall we were havin a very serious conversation about fictional dicks

@DirkGrundy the finger curls on the monkey's paw; we are found but everyone's individual typing quirks are TOO GRATING and the group can only descend into chaos

@DirkGrundy mastodon crapped out before i could finish my thread last night, but the phrase "mutual farming" had never occurred to me until just then and i think it pretty much sums up the chip on my own shoulder haha

i def think it would benefit everybody if we stop acting like webcomics is this inherently warm fuzzy thing it isn't, all its doing is making its relatively average amount of Sleaze seem worse

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@caribouchat weh i really appreciate that? it's prooobably going to be friday tbh haha. i'll post it somewhere as soon as i know!

my kh interest flaring back up now that i'm old enough to realize how batshit fucking crazy the franchise is sure is Somethin


god i dont know why that gif expresses the exact feeling of being horrifically behind on webcomic work but it DOES

22/32 panels inked, color isn't even started yet, update scheduled for wednesday

i fiiiiinally got this set of markers done for my dnd group! we realized my buttonmaker is sized really well for the grid we use and i'm REALLY REALLY BAD at keeping everyones' positions in mind, even with other kinds of markers, so i made these with clearly distinct bg colors and figures on them haha

@Prawnlegs ONE OF THESE DAYS i'm gonna design a canon dress and heels outfit for ulrich and he'll be the prettiest belle @ the ball

i very briefly considered ulrich in the context of bayonetta and it reminded me of the sketch of him in symmetra's outfit i never finished so heeere y'all go