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The most relatable scene in any movie ever is in Coffee and Cigarettes when the coffee is PERFECT and the refill happens without asking first

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Hey, my comic, Ophiuchus, updated today!!! I got some kind of bad news this morning, so if you could share, that'd really help cheer me up. Thanks so much!!

i'm back to thumbnailing hell tonight but i can't NOT do this now that it's appeared, do you understand DO YOU

today's self-indulgent art: phin and ulrich dancing, which i realized would be a shared interest and subsequently my soul left my body

Kidd Commander villagers! The animal crossing style is a far cry from my own but I did my best to make them cute.

sonic foot tapping animation for three weeks

my comic won't update until next month and i'm already Dying. i'm glad i get kind of a break for a bit but i wanna go FORWARD HNNN

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here's the face of a robot I drew for a comic I'm very slowly working on in the background about robots vs. capitalism

i love german so fuckin much heee. i've been posting neat compounds i come across on twitter but i guess i'll start a thread for them here now

Today's cool compound german word: kummerspeck, which refers to weight gained from emotional over-eating. can translate literally to "grief bacon"

a friend sent me this one a couple days ago and i was not at all expecting the video lmaooo

anyway sorry if i've been more sparse recently, the last week has been clogged with Social Obligations and i feel super brain dead but i'm still heeeere. i think masto is dying down again but man y'all every time we do this it gets harder to go back to twitter. i miss a chronological timeline so much lmao

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