Being at a 4 day con reminds me why I’m climbing mt Whitney

(to die on a rock by myself with no obligation to talk to anyone, and have my bones eaten by marmots)

I forgot SPX has a prom, I don't know what that means and don't want to know. I haven't had fun since 1997 and do not plan on starting next month

I'm at Worldcon 😬 The average age of congoers is so much higher than what I'm used to but so far people are nice enough? hoping for a decent weekend.

relatedly i've had so many nightmares the last few days! involving fire/ mud/ skeletons mostly so definitely those graphic photographs percolating through the ol brain matter. Kinda glad that I'm not completely desensitized to this sort of thing tbh

*watches WW1 documentaries for an entire week*

wow it's hard to get more depressing and terrible than this

*switches to Vietnam documentaries*

Hike went well*

*editor’s note: my legs are crumbling to dust

I have a feeling my final pack is going to be in the 25lb range and not the 35 lbs range anyway just cuz it's a safer proportion for my body weight. Oh yeah and the hike should cover a 2k ft gain in elevation so... not bad!

Unfortunately next weekend is Worldcon so I am going to miss one training weekend, and swamped with work so I can't really make it up. Hopefully I'm prepped enough for the real thing~

TOMORROW: 10 mi practice hike with "packed" pack (tent, bag, pad, etc) not a practice pack with water jugs. Thinking a normal weight like 25ish lbs instead of the 30's I've been doing just cuz its longer than our normal 6mi hikes...

Today I learned the trench dudes wore about 60lbs of materia on them and that's why they kept sinking and drowning in the mud ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so basically if I feel any discomfort tomorrow I'm just going to tell myself to stfu. 25bls and not getting SHELLED? sign me up

My only complaint is it's very euro-focused, especially on combatants, and doesn't really talk much (yet) about the "contributions" from Indians, Africans, Asians, Pacific Islanders etc that were definitely present and often used to just die on behalf of colonizers :\ They are very thorough so far though so I'm anticipating that they will cover it. Anyways, very interesting to listen to while working

Obvs we learned about this in school but WW1 is sort of hard to be interested in as an american sometimes... as a kid its impossible to talk to anyone who was alive during that time and the curriculum boils down to "this country did this and there was gas and trenches."

I'm into year 2 of The Great War on YT and that team does a great job of showing the excruciating pace and lack of forward momentum at all of the fronts, and puts a lot of other events into easy-to-understand context

"could be worse" < "could be alive and aware of geopolitics during aug 1914- nov 1918" jfc what a pointless gigantic meatgrinder.

Amazed that almost every country that joined in was doing so in order to take advantage of their enemies and neighbors at the expense of their own citizens, like wow, you absolute dicks

My WWI kick has so far taught me that throughout the ages, the people in charge can be devastatingly stupid, get thousands of people killed, and it will take years for somebody to stop them (but more likely they just retreat somewhere with their money and die)

this is a wild read

was looking up what cyanide poisoning looks like and found this dude, there's actually a courtroom video if you're curious as well (not super graphic, he just keels over)

Looking up Conrad von Hötzendorf and finding... memes... lol

Oh boy I'm 100% committed to my next obsession now I guess. Bring on the 5000 documentaries

@shingworks shitty conclusion to a fairly shitty, stressful week I guess. Am making a new batch and we’ll see how that goes, can use the strawberries in cocktails or something instead, lol...

Lost my first batch of booch to fruit fly larva :( I’ve been fighting these damn flies all week and they finally did it... not really preventable, but the booch was doing so well the glasses flipped the scoby into the cloth I had over the jar mouth and either created a gap somewhere or the flies laid eggs on the wet fabric and they got sucked down into the batch. Either way I’m pissed and sad, just bought a bunch of overripe strawberries for F2 and now I can’t use them.

"proud boys" makes me think of the "mommy wow i'm a big kid now" commercials where the kid finally learns not to shit himself

can you imagine wanting to voluntarily call yourself a "proud" "boy"

a strong tough and terrific boy

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