lol is that the green onion puff paratha from ranch 99... this pic gave me asmr

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I forgot I put some extra bell pepper seeds from a bell pepper I was cooking into a bunch of dirt a while ago (last july/ august at least), and the dirt has been lying fallow until the last few weeks. I've been growing something completely different in this recycled dirt but now I have a surprise of 3 bell pepper plants that just popped up yesterday, haha. Lucky me~

bf: what is this stuff in the freezer?
me: oh, i wanted to make congee tomorrow, it's just rice.
bf: oh, okay. i thought it was seeds
me:... rice... IS seeds...?
bf: ...
me: ...

(as it turns out yes, rice is seeds)
(my brain had never considered this before evidently lol)
(wheat is also seeds)

hoooly shit I just got so lucky!!!

Note: I am 100% only posting this to torture @WombatSaskia

Sometimes on Law and Order they'll show a meme and it looks completely fake and stupid, then a documentary will also show a meme (for example, FyreFraud showed the "everything is fine" animation for 2 seconds with some clown music in the bg) and it will also look completely fake and stupid, so who even knows anymore

I like how every modern documentary must have the same format... 70% interviews, 30% news clips and youtube memes to show how much of a cultural phenomenon [thing] was, OR black and white 30's cartoons OR bad flash animations.

froze my rice last night and finally get to make this tonight for dinner while it's cold and rainy for once...

i'm excited

this show makes zero sense (when you're only watching every other scene)

also all the acting and punditry implies that the people in power aren't 5 year olds eating mcdonalds and screaming for a diaper change so honestly, can't relate

Started watching last season of House of Cards while working, except I'm not paying attention. My summary of the first 5 episodes:

*blonde lady squints eyes politically, talks to camera*
*someone says something clever in presidential room of some kind*
*plot point hinges on some conversation from several seasons ago and also all the white dudes look the same to me so idk*
*someone else gets mad and yells and is embarrassed*

under no circumstance is a picture of kevin spacey to be shown

latest achievement... gluten free, dairy free cake if you can believe it~

cake is chocolate black bean:

frosting is dark chocolate sweet potato:

you probably wouldn't guess from the taste or texture cuz it's nearly exactly the same as reg cake imo

it wasn't even a pity breaker, just a lucky summon... my brother was telling me he read in a forum that a dude had paid over 1000 actual human dollars before he got her so... yeah

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