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Blue is so nice???? ;___; and made an effort for me/Jared that nobody outside of Jareds family has bothered with. So nice!!

Blue I already said thank u but thank u also public thanks shaming happening right here, right now

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So cool that the living presidents get to eat the hearts of recently deceased presidents, to obtain their power

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stop trying to make [me caring about george bush] happen

i try to explain to my non-self employed friends what it means to be desperate for time to work and they don't get it. They just go to work and get to do work and go home!! what power

me: I'll have 3 whole days to work before having to pack/print and travel to socal, it's going to be amazing

flu shot: it's going to be what now

Out of curiosity, searched my name on Twitter and found some nice comments that I wasn't tagged in, but were still nice ;__; having a sort of sloggy forced-work sickday so that was a nice surprise

Was gonna get it right before CALA but am glad I did it a week ahead instead, just to not overly complicate things. Plan accordingly~

PSA: this year's flu shot is Not Fucking Around. Got it on Sunday and in addition to an uncharacteristically sore arm I am still not feeling great? Sore throat and etc. Apparently the flu is pretty shit this year and the vaccine is also harsh

Tumblr is what we all deserve for abandoning deviantart

(he's fine btw, and looking EXTREMELY pleased with himself, that son of a bitch)

The game backfired... he found all the food, then also "found" some unsecured leftover rotisserie chicken sandwich bf had for dinner T__T had to google every ingredient to make sure he didn't eat anything dangerous. No more food games for now

started hiding cat food in the workroom so that wolfy spend time poking around in corners instead of bugging me when I'm trying to focus. He is so cute, it's like a perpetual easter egg hunt, and it tires him way the fuck out too haha.

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