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Der-shing Helmer

I'm also growing one of these things, delightfully named the Moon and Stars watermelon. No melons yet, but the plant is healthy and the leaves are green with speckles too, it's very cute.

I REALLY want an damn melon but idk when it's going to flower and apparently these are big targets for rodents (we have squirrels and rats up the wazoo around here) so we'll see~

I'm growing 2 kinds of tomatoes this year, cherry tomatoes (aka roundboys) and some kind of roma tomato thing (aka longboys).

The first longboy finally ripened 100% today after 2 months of me watching it/ screaming internally that a squirrel is going to eat it. Fiance returns from a trip tomorrow so in my hubris I'm leaving it on the vine for one more night and hope it will still be there in the morning. Will report back with this breaking story tomorrow.

the joke is i'm a melting tomato and my ideas need to be thinned out in order for any of them to survive

"fattygew" - my brain, every time I look at the word "fatigue"

maybe its because i've been coloring the most mindnumbing things all day but this is blowing my mind

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Boy howdy I sure do love paying thousands in estimated taxes to a government that effectively incarcerates children

confession: for a long time I thought the acronym BAMF was the same word as the Nightcrawler's sfx

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Also a great visual focus? After weeks and weeks of nightmares (technically this is still a nightmare, but less so). Also another part of the dream which I'll put under a cut because it was also very striking but kinda gross

I had a dream last night that was a complete self-contained horror-comedy story with a great main character, beginning/ middle/ end, so now I'm wasting my morning writing that out in script form...

The most alarming thing someone can say to you is "I don't mean to alarm you, but"

Nobody has ever said that to me without some kind of large spider being involved

I love summer cuz the warm weather makes clothes less necessary... unfortunately the neighbors have cut their lemon tree back lately, making the situation more dangerous than ever before

Like the old saying goes, keep walking around with no clothes on and get a bunch of crinkled leaves stuck in your bra

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