Should also note that whatever comments about spider eyeballs are correct, but missed the tone/ point of the posts in general. Again, this is a casual account, you can ride my ass on Twitter if you want (actually: don't) but please respect that Masto is my chill account~

Yikes, woke up to a bunch of splaining on this account. For new followers/ those who don''t know me

- I have a bio degree from Berkeley, which I only mention when people try to splain bio stuff to me. It's not necessary. I know how to research
- I shitpost >>constantly<<
- I don't sculpt and brand my posts here. This account is the island I go to get away from the Twitter "well actually" headache crowd. Please come with a fun attitude or unfollow, I don't need the headache here too

Thank you~

him: it's not fair

me: why, do you want eight

him: i want them to have two!!!!!!!

me: *shows him the eyeball configuration pic* see I told you, they all have eight

him: but WHY

omfg my bf didn't know spiders have 8 eyes i'm dying

BF and Mozzarella are trying to cheer me up (it’s working)

the permits just opened for Año Nuevo, a beach in CA where elephant seals go to fight/ breed every winter, and I wrote it incorrectly in my day planner

ate dinner, down to 5 eggs. gotta make it til sunday lads wish me luck

Electrum, the first mixed-race comics anthology, is over 22k and we have 2 weeks left to go! Check out the campaign above if you haven't already, and our site for some previews of our incredible mixed artists and comics:

We baked a carrot cake last night and my struggle today will be to not eat the entire thing before bf gets home :[ It's just... sitting there unattended...

going further down the egghole... interesting loophole for these pesky city chicken restrictions tbh

btw, I asked, the spotted eggs are laid by Welsummers and Maran breeds of chickens (google images show them both respectively)~

In other news, down to 17 eggs out of the original pack of 60, my body is officially 75% egg by mass

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Back on my bullshit... looks liquid but isn’t~ (eggs made with stock instead of water... spots on top and pure pastel yellow underneath)

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