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Der-shing Helmer

I love watching these Survivor eps because every other interstitial is a close up of crabs... land crabs, ghost crabs, coconut crabs, hermit crabs, these folks do not discriminate

how much chia is too much chia? nobody knows

Somehow managed to eat 1/2 of this bag of chia seeds my mom gave me yesterday. This is definitely not going to have a single negative consequence, I can feel it

an ad I just saw on Reddit... Angora and Pinter finally sold out

All these episodes are from early 2000s but there was just a guy on talking about how the special interest liberal media controls everything and doesn't give a voice to average working class americans who built this country T___T its like when you reread a book and suddenly see all the foreshadowing

Rewatching old eps of Survivor while working. It's so blatantly homophobic, I can't believe this used to air on tv.

Plus side: I like watching these very hungry people eat snack food, it's very satisfying.

our apts noise conversion:

1 squirrel on the roof = 5000 foot soldiers

(technically it was a trade of homemade pickled veg for jam his friend's mom made. Tasted it this morning and it was worth it)

My bf was at a work meeting until 1030 last night, then didn't get home until after midnight because he had to go to his friend's club to pick up... homemade jam... this is what life on the edge looks like

In the memetime

🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀

The other danger is that I'm just spiteful and furious all the time, haha. I like Mastodon cuz it's very quiet here compared to other places and it's nice to have the illusion of a small, intimate chat here. It is tempting to share some actual "real" thoughts just to get them off my chest but! would anyone like me if they knew what an angry person I am? Probably not.

So yeah, thank god for comics, where it's okay to tear out the throat of your enemies as long as it takes 4 years to post.

It's necessary to safeguard your privacy online (especially nowadays) and while I do like putting parts of myself out there, it's a curated experience... Either brutally honest but requires effort to interpret (webcomics) or fun and easy but superficial (crab memes).

I'm also super aware of how identity is marketed and "sold" on the internet, esp irt gender and sexuality, and I've honestly suffered way too much for mine to cheapen it with throwaway jokes.

I know what my online brand is, and what the perception of that is, but am less sure how I'm viewed as a ~real~ person.

Someone once told me that I seem very closed-off online, which is fine, but I was surprised that it was that obvious, given how active I am and how often I post things.

Dirty Money on Netflix was really, really enjoyable. I like the tone of the doc too; harrowing but not catastrophic (Moore docs for example leave me wanting to jump in a volcano)

Whenever I sit down and just think about stuff I feel irrationally guilty that I'm not actively working. THIS IS BAD!!!

It's very important to remember that in creative work of any kind (this includes things like programming tbh), the more time you spend getting your thoughts in order, the smoother your execution will be. Even just taking a walk and letting your brain air out a little can be invaluable. 100% efficiency does not mean 100% active work.

The most gender neutral show is of course River Monsters, which combines aspects of hunting and conquering with softly petting a fish and sometimes watching it give birth in your boat (also because I myself do not care for gender, but do identify in some ways as a gentle freshwater beast).

T&T is the ultimate display of toxic femininity: cattiness, overbearing motherhood, extreme focus on external looks and children mimicking sexual/ mate-attracting behaviors. Ax Men is the opposite; sweaty angry screaming men tearing down hundreds of years of forest, wrestling/ fighting each other, fixated on discovering and conquering giant "wood."

I like to put on very very stupid shows in the bg while I'm working because they don't require thinking or looking at (lots of sfx) but are something distracting if I get bored with looking at my page. After 2 weeks of immersion I feel I have enough data to say that Toddlers and Tiaras is the exact opposite show of Ax Men.