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Der-shing Helmer @shingworks

Then was thinking of how much I like sci-fi, and how certain types are seen as "serious" and others as "cartoony"... I think if you have a talking alien, that drives it over the edge to cartoony. If the aliens don't talk or only speak an alien language, then it's a serious work of import or whatever. Agree or no?

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For films only, I should mention (books have a much different feel).

IDK If the aliens can talk and be understood then the plot can shift to literally anything (Star Trek, Star Wars, etc), vs if they can't then it's gotta be a story about understanding or not understanding differences or something (Arrival, District 9, etc).

Anyways all my aliens can talk so I guess I'm trash


I never could understand how all the aliens in Dr. Who could talk English until I realized that all the actors were British.

@hairylarry @shingworks i thought the tardis was translating it for the doc and companion? Or I guess they decided to learn english

@shingworks but.... that could depend on what the aliens are saying? I mean, what if in the movie they can't talk and we have this kind of arrival plot and in the end what the aliens are saying is that they like fries with fried egg flavor or something dumb? Shit that'd be something I would watch...

@shingworks Or they could talk and be saying some philosophical stuff and be totally serious plot after all... I really don't care much if they can or can't talk in the end, I like both of them and I actually sometimes find the cartoony movies more serious than the "serious" ones... In theme stuff related. BUT again I would watch some dumb stuff about an alien who likes fries so don't mind me... I love your comics :)

@shingworks There is also this thing they do in Star Wars where the aliens and droids speak their own language or even can't make human like sounds but human or humanoid characters understand them and can communicate because hey there are many species and they all coexist, I like that because it feels like what should logically happen

@shingworks interesting dichotomy. I think of it as a question of themes - is it space opera type adventure story or an exploration of human issues? Your ideas about how the aliens are portrayed appears to intersect nicely with this.