Least favorite survival horror trope: a woman with a bunch of guys who are killed, but she survives by killing or whatever and escapes. So boring. The crux of the drama rests on the assumption that she couldn't have done it until circumstances required, then after seeing her husband eaten by a bear or whatever she finds the inner strength to live, snore

A lot of shitty movies like this on Netflix, but I love survival horror so I keep watching, haha. The best example of this genre is probably The Descent, cuz there's minimal pixie dream dudes to die off and confer strength, a more a focus on violently persistent female rock climbers

I also liked Sanctum a lot, it's a cave-diving survival movie... not a super great movie, probably because it doesn't follow some structural tropes that would have made it more gripping, but I liked that it was a little out-there. Also a woman gets sucked into a whirlpool cuz she was an idiot, which is always refreshing.

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