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Rewatching old eps of Survivor while working. It's so blatantly homophobic, I can't believe this used to air on tv.

Plus side: I like watching these very hungry people eat snack food, it's very satisfying.

@shingworks Noticed a similiar thing while watching older TV shows in general. Some shows didn't like to talk about this topic, while others suggested homosexuality should be feared.

Der-shing Helmer @shingworks

@toromino this current show I'm watching is from 2002? 2003ish? they're saying things openly like "I'm not voting for a queer" and stuff like that, so creepy to think that a lot of us grew up hearing shit like this every day...

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@shingworks @toromino huh, I never really noticed. Weird. I think it was because it was stuff I heard so often in my daily life that hearing it in Survivor was just par for the course. I guess I'm not surprised contestants on a show like that were like that, though.