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Der-shing Helmer @shingworks

chia update: i'm in a world of hurt rn, lol, do not eat more than the recc'd amount of chia seeds, i do everything too much and this is why i literally can't have nice things.

the plus side: this level of stupidity is peak me, and it's almost worth it just for how much this mess is making me laugh.

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@shingworks OH NO. I didn't even know it was a thing. Feel better soon!!

@kacealexander lol yeah I knew that chia overload was a possibility but I did it anyways. YOLO

@shingworks Hey. If I can do it with an entire cheesecake, you can do it with chia!

@shingworks what exactly *is* the recommended amount of chia seeds to eat?

@rdh evidently, 2-3 tbsp. I exceeded this byyyyyy several times XD

@shingworks "Wait, they expand in your stomach?!"
- Me, the first and last time I did this :P

@ericjschuster AHAHAHA yeah I'm a bit past the stomach part of the problem