me: *shows him the eyeball configuration pic* see I told you, they all have eight

him: but WHY

BF and Mozzarella are trying to cheer me up (it’s working)

Electrum, the first mixed-race comics anthology, is over 22k and we have 2 weeks left to go! Check out the campaign above if you haven't already, and our site for some previews of our incredible mixed artists and comics:

btw, I asked, the spotted eggs are laid by Welsummers and Maran breeds of chickens (google images show them both respectively)~

Back on my bullshit... looks liquid but isn’t~ (eggs made with stock instead of water... spots on top and pure pastel yellow underneath)

Also I broke into the second layer of the 5 dzn eggs we got from Costco... 32 eggs down 28 eggs to go

a photo of me

if i ever get chickens i'm getting one of these guys... they lay blue, green, pink, or white eggs depending on conditions are are called easter egg chickens (scream) so cool

Farmers market haul... 3 duck eggys. Should be about equivalent to the volume of 4 chicken eggs, can’t wait to steam these >:]

This is what my eggs look like btw. I don’t have the patience to make them ultra smooth or aesthetic but holy shit they taste SO good, like the softest savory cloud jello, I could eat these every day and not get sick of them... actually I have been so v__v;

In case you hadn't seen it, our anthology is now LIVE on Kickstarter :] One of the most fulfilling projects I've gotten to work on, so glad it's off and running!

and the view from the tiny space between the needles~ you can see all the way down the eastern face to some secret lakes and the valley thousands of feet below

ah heres another one for the hell of it, it's so pretty

Last week this time I was walkin down Whitney arghghgh I miss being outside so much.

Here's a view of the trail (ha ha) from the descent, circled another hiker for scale cuz its hard to tell how massive the needles are

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