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Der-shing Helmer

In other news, is butter lettuce?

I love River Monsters but sometimes I question this guys dedication to the scientific process

jeremy wade: But are these fish killers? I'm going to test this theory the only way I know how...

me: please don't say by fucking around in the water with them

jeremy: ... by covering myself in fish guts and absolutely 100% fucking around in the water with them

my river monsters fan monster, it's the ultimate killer... a bull shark and a giant stingray slammed together, humanity has no chance

the only apology I think most people would accept is a personal one from the organizers, and a promise to recoup as much of the $ as possible to return to people affected. Obviously a ton of money will never come back but damn, do not say irresponsible things like this? "your dollars were donated to the future"? yikesss

oh god i was just looking at horse refs and found this pic of a horse poncho and almost spit out my drink

In other news no I have not watched too much survivor and also need to get rid of these mushrooms growing out of my watermelon plant, why do you ask

THANKS DUDE defs was not home to myself or millions of my direct family or anything

My feet are trapped under this dramatic croissant

The cat is making such an ugly face rn that I have to shame him lol

an ad I just saw on Reddit... Angora and Pinter finally sold out

[spent 6 hours finishing yesterday's work and 5 hours on fulfilling orders/ various accounting/ emails]
phew! i got a lot done!
*is 5pm*
*have not started actual work for today yet*

Still mad, but at least the sun finally came out!

@shingworks he is now furiously sitting in the area the sun should be and glaring at me :[

The Face Shrine is coming along nicely