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Der-shing Helmer

an ad I just saw on Reddit... Angora and Pinter finally sold out

[spent 6 hours finishing yesterday's work and 5 hours on fulfilling orders/ various accounting/ emails]
phew! i got a lot done!
*is 5pm*
*have not started actual work for today yet*

Still mad, but at least the sun finally came out!

@shingworks he is now furiously sitting in the area the sun should be and glaring at me :[

The Face Shrine is coming along nicely

We bought some beets for pickling today and the leaves looked so nice I had to find out if they were edible...

The good news: yes they are
The other good news: my noodles are purple now

my bfs bro friends are over playing lol and one of them just complimented our giant grand prismatic painting... you're goddamn right bitch its fucking incredible

And the newest, very beautiful granddaughter of Boochie... you can see it started effervescing on its own and all the bubbles a trapped up in the pellicle

This batch tastes so good I can’t believe it... like holy shit this is basically free, just the cost of sugar and tea... this is the gift of bacterias...

A little friend on the other side of the window, rocking that Thrip tail

I've sent like 40 emails today and still have two dozen to go haha

I will give you all of the friends, Angora, but what will you give to The Flame.