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Just realized that line on the top is my derivative baby SCOBY... I’m so happy ;__; I’m like thoroughly emotionally attached to this jar, I had a stress dream last night that a pine tree started growing out of the SCOBY, but my dream friend told me it was normal...

remember this shit? our middle school would make all the kids go out and sell magazine subscriptions to trade for a pom pom with googly eyes and a sticker at the bottom?? it sounds insane to me now. I never got one cuz my mom wouldn't let me (she is smart) but... I coveted them...

Some strawberry spinach I’m starting... I love that peek of maroon underside

In other news, Boochie seems to have made it past my fumbling first-time setup pains and is growing? at least I hope that's living SCOBY and not like, his corpse flaking away.

IDK why we named it but I guess we ended up ascribing gender to this batch of liquid bacteria and yeast as well, sorry Boochie

Shout out to lotus stems, which I don't believe are available in the US... the big flat lotus leaves are connected to the roots via these stems, underwater. They are like noodles if noodles were made out of delicious veggies... I just... miss these a lot...

an ad i got on tumblr; just wanted to remind you to not miss out on (prescription enzymes??) nutrients

Old Art Journey 2007-2008: spent a ton of my post-college spare time learning how to make comics by drawing extremely stupid Avatar fanart~

Old Art Journey 2005: first drawing of the big boi, on the back of some other scratch paper and in blue pencil

Old Art Journey 2003: learning how to blaspheme my characters and color with a mouse in Photoshop 5.0. I was so proud of this :[

Old Art Journey 2002: teen angst. Got my first serious critique on the story I was writing at the time from my English teacher, who told me I should focus on humor instead... now look at me... *sobbing*

Old Art Journey 2001: Skipping years I didn't scan any drawings T__T But here's uh... Soli...

Old Art Journey 1998: one of dozens of Frasier fanarts/ fancomics I made for my friends in middle school. I thank the powers that be every day that I didn't have reliable internet access back then.

Happy Monday! New platform seems like a great excuse to post old art. I'll do a year an hour, starting in 1996... here's the piece I was the most proud of when I was 12. Even worse, this character is still in the story T__T just without the... [gestures at everything]


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