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Der-shing Helmer

Bought all the ingredients to make curry this week for the sole reason that I also want to make coconut rice. The entire meal is a cover/ justification to make the side, idc, coconut rice is so delicious
also wow theres a curry emoji but not a coconut one, rude 🍛

Sooo damn glad to be working with all the artists on this Alloy antho! I've heard so many horror stories about unresponsive artists, artists who don't read directions, artists who don't take crits, artists who start shit... but literally everyone in this collection has been so sweet and communicative, and are really bringing their A-game despite really in-depth crits and a LOT of instructions/ deadlines/ check-ins. Not sure if we're lucky or what, but I'm very grateful for them!

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I sent so many emails today I have become emails.

One more big email to send before I can actually exercise and then start my real work for the day at.. .uh 5pm yes good

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oh no, the cat is staring directly at a silent air vent again, vent ghosts confirmed

like what if they keep coming and I have to artisinal murder these rats forever, that doesn't sound super worth it.

Thinking about setting some pitfall traps for the local packrats that are eating my veggies, but then its like, what next, how deep down the "kill a bunch of mammals" hole do I want to go

@jankoekepan I think she was more talking about the 50's recordings that she grew up with (in Taiwan, but also listening to US records). Not sure if they had that tech back then but idk I still hear the intake breath sometimes in music today, maybe some artists don't take it out?

My mom told me once that with good singers you can't hear them breathe or do that sharp intake of air when they sing (ie breath control). Once you listen for that gasp you can't unhear it I swear. Anyways, I can't hear hers at all, pretty incredible

Sorry I'm up late subtooting The Past

But fr here is a gem, I didn't know about Sarah Vaughan before but her voice is so beautifully arresting. I stopped what I was doing and had to look her up.

except for Roy Orbison, who was more concerned with being visibly depressed on Ferris wheels and dreaming about every girl turning him down repeatedly

the 50's were very into begging some lady to be your mom forever

every single one of these hits from the 50's YT playlist I'm listening to is aggravating my Wokeness.™ Themes include

- venus send me a girlfriend (incel song)
- need me a little girl (do not call a grown woman this pls)
- teenager makes it in LA, gains house/ car/ fame but moves back to town to be a housewife and marry THE BOY WHO WORKS AT A CANDY STORE EXCUSE ME
- you're incredible because of all the various things you do for me specifically, which I shall now list
- "you belong to me" x50

I love 50's oldies, there used to be a station in the bay area that played 50's-70's before it converted to classic rock only (KFRC!! sob) (btw classic rock nowadays is defined as 60's-90s, scream)

Anyways I notice that nobody calls anyone a clown in music anymore, whats up with that. Like "I'm feeling like a clown" "when I'm sad you're a clown" etc comes up in several popular songs, at what point did public perception shift so that your bf being a clown became a nightmare scenario...

by that logic I guess I should be a ship captain or making movies. Still time left for a pivot, or to get married and change my last name to Volcanosurfer