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@katwylder I only have the one Meek book at the moment, at least for my own work XD But I sold a bunch to Powell's in Portland, so that's fun!

The plus side: had my biggest book store order yet :] (Which is misleading because it's my only book store order so fa (which is also misleading because I've been dragging my ass emailing stores and they're the first I got to (but consider this: my 100% success rate))).

[spent 6 hours finishing yesterday's work and 5 hours on fulfilling orders/ various accounting/ emails]
phew! i got a lot done!
*is 5pm*
*have not started actual work for today yet*

@shingworks he is now furiously sitting in the area the sun should be and glaring at me :[

The cat sits outside our workroom in the morning until I open the door, today he ran inside then meowed at me because the sun isn't out :[ And smelled the ground where the sun usually is, like I'm supposed to put it back or something. I'M SORRY my poor stupid son, I don't control the weather

In other news I've sent so many difficult emails since Jan 1 that I'm no longer afraid to send them, haha. Immersion therapy!! it's real.

Responding to emails right away feels kind of great? I always thought the instareply thing was a bit embarrassing, but the general response is "thanks for the fast reply." And not dealing with the stress of a late reply is welllll worth it

Went to my mom's house today, mom taught my bf some Chinese words to use in PUBG (east, west, north, south, danger, help)

we later asked google for the last item on our list, "butt nugget"

How to make an anthology:

Step 1: have an idea
Step 2: send 5000 emails every other week
Step 3: ?? money ?
Step 4: book

the worst part is that I only have this much work because I brought it on myself, so I can't even complain πŸ™ƒ πŸ™ƒ πŸ™ƒ

I have so much work to do today and spent the entire morning answering emails that didn't actually count twoards any of the work I have to do πŸ™ƒ

We bought some beets for pickling today and the leaves looked so nice I had to find out if they were edible...

The good news: yes they are
The other good news: my noodles are purple now

@gregpak I've been buying some extremely hearty spinach from the farmers market recently... some large smooth-leaf variety. When the roots are still attached to the leaves (vs Ranch 99 produce that is a bunch of decapitated leaves rubber banded together) I notice everything lasts way longer in the crisper

Hiked 10 miles today!!!!!!!!!! scream (it was beautiful though)

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