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I have been, over the past year or two, slightly worried that my work comes off as non-serious or "cartoony" because I don't use that thin-line dot-eyes whatever artsy style, and I like colors, and I like people having adventures more than poetry superimposed on ligne clair renderings of a folding chair or something

The worst part about this morning’s quake was waking up in the middle of it wondering if it was a quake or if NK finally bombed us

In other news I uploaded the cover for the last chapter of MI, going up at midnight pst and I'm having Feelings. 3 years ago I uploaded the very first page of the comic, and soon it'll be over? Going to be weird to finally push out this baby I've been giving birth to since 2015, haha...

just harvested my latest batch of kombucha and i'm screaming to myself, this shit tastes just like redbull to me????? acidic, sugary, caffeinated, carbonated?? how? can? this? be? basically? free? my brain just can't wrap around it

If you're looking for a new hobby in 2018 and you like the taste of kombucha I stg make kombuch in your home, it is so cheap and tastes amazing. I wish I could frisbee my extra scobys at all of your innocent faces

tbh my greatest accomplishment this year was replacing the word leg, in our household, with "leggy"

Spent yesterday with my bf's fam... his foster brother (and fb's wife) are from Mexico and go back regularly, I always end up plying them for info about food because they know all about local ingredients and such... we were talking about maguey vs agave and mescal vs tequila... evidently the way they test the "best" mescal (which is often 100 proof) is to throw it in the air, and see if it evaporates XD

wow, the ginger beer i made finally finished fermenting/ carbonating and HOLY wow it is so good. And super easy to make, just takes some time... I love making naturally carbonated drinks, this is defs my new fav non-art hobby

Today's dilemma: do I pay $1500 more per year for the same exact insurance I had this year, or pay what I paid this year for the worst insurance available...

My monthly premium is jumping up $125/mo despite my salary remaining the same, ha ha ha

In the book about people being disasters in Yellowstone National Park there were some asian people trying to take the (sulfurous, acidic, boiling) water home to use as medicine. Frankly I feel this completely. I want to be one with this hot spring, I'll be that terrible asian with a ladle and a canteen at the GP

i'm going to try to go there before 2020, i'll find some time or make it or something, just gotta... gotta get prismatic...

my bfs bro friends are over playing lol and one of them just complimented our giant grand prismatic painting... you're goddamn right bitch its fucking incredible

And the newest, very beautiful granddaughter of Boochie... you can see it started effervescing on its own and all the bubbles a trapped up in the pellicle

This batch tastes so good I can’t believe it... like holy shit this is basically free, just the cost of sugar and tea... this is the gift of bacterias...

not a special day or occasion or anything, just feeling grateful for all the wonderful people in my life

me: so if i donate my eggs, is that like, human caviar
bf: bye

Why don't they just ignore the bomb threat the same way they've been ignoring an avalanche of calls, texts, letters, and evidence of millions of fake comments from stolen identities.

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